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Integrating Uncomfortable Moments

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
To heal is to integrate all parts of our human experiences. However, integrating the uncomfortable moments of life is easier said than done. But with guidance and practice, we can all experience our human and spiritual potential to meet, honor, and integrate all aspects of ourselves.
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16 reflections
Naming emotions
Takes the power out of my feelings. I begin to see things logically and realistically. My body relaxes. My mind focuses. I affirm my reality.
Disappointing Meditation
I was eager to hear this track because I thought it’d help me work through some of the unpleasantness in my life. It was full, boring, and didn’t help. I think this track needs slot more work-perhaps a new technique. The subject is very interesting and I’d love to learn how to meditate through difficult situations and connect my mind/body/soul into more positive & connected energy-but this track didn’t accomplish that goal.
Walter J
I just did the 3 min version and felt like I was being rushed here and there, but never got anywhere.?! Maybe I am just extra tired or need to do the 7 min version for some actual instruction on how to implement ... pretty picture on the title page though!!
Welcoming thoughts with compassion
I learned that it’s okay to have uncomfortable emotions or moments. The key is to approach them with compassion for yourself and breathe.
Integrating uncomfortable moments
A wonderful session !!!!! Thanks Very helpful to a slightly aging and mystified meditator
One step at a time
There is much of this that I don’t yet understand. While I comprehend the words and the intended message, I do not fully understand it and feel it in my gut. I hope this understanding will come in time.
We are larger that our pain
Good intention for the day, to move outside any physical pains and emotional hurts to make the most of our day. Namaste
I wasa bit twitchy... you took several days off because you never would have focused and it would be
An exercise in futility doomed from the beginning. IT jusT wouldn’T have worked!🤨 But i came back!!😇
Integrating experiences/emotions
Acknowledge your emotions & experiences at every time, as they play an essential role in our development as human beings. Integrate those emotions to yourself but remember, “you are much more than your emotions” as these are only temporary. Remember that it’s human to feel.
I felt more grounded and a wider range of emotions during this meditation. I noticed myself becoming calmer and more present in order to better start the rest of the day
That was needed, let all my sore joints just consciously relax back into place. Namaste
Curiosity wisdom and compassion
Welcoming all things with respect is possible when you have a state of curiosity, wisdom, and compassion.
Integrating All That Is
Curiosity and compassion inspire us to meet, honor and integrate all of our human experiences. Wisdom teaches us that we are bigger than our fleeting sensations, thoughts and emotions. In this meditation, Jaisa reminds us to be the loving awareness as we explore and bring out the welcome mat for all that is. Settling into my body, I performed a quick body scan. Bringing out a welcome mat, I greeted and invited all sensations to be as they were. Being the loving awareness of these sensations, I knew I was bigger than these fleeting sensations. After a time having tea with these sensations, it was time to integrate my mind. Bringing out a welcome mat, I greeted and invited all thoughts to be as they were. Being the loving awareness of these thoughts, I knew I was bigger than these fleeting thoughts. After a time having tea with these thoughts, it was time to integrate my soul. Bringing out a welcome mat, I greeted and invited all emotions to be as they were. Being the loving awareness of these emotions, I knew I was bigger than these fleeting emotions. Reminding ourselves that curiosity, compassion and wisdom inspires us to bring out the welcome mat to what is, we can integrate all that is. By integrating all that is, we become healed and whole. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Emotion - energy in motion.
Very calming, grounding and soothing! I found this meditation healing and centring.
Wholeness of Life!
I learned that incorporating All of My Human Experiences both Physically and Mentally aid in Healing Processes from Our Lifestyles!!!
I was reminded that I am more than my thoughts and feelings. Those change