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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
Most of us begin our days in an uninspired state. We are running through our to-do list in our minds, or we may be resisting what we have to do that day. What if you could start your day in the most inspired state of mind you could imagine? How would today be different from other days? Dive into this meditation, and watch your inspired morning unfold!
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11 reflections
This imagery was uplifting and inspiring. It felt good to imagine myself less burdened and lighter with each breath. 🙏🏻
Wow! Thank you for the imagery. I needed that. 💚💜💗🧡. May have to come back to this one from time to time for a reminder!
I learned that every day can start anew and fresh.
It's important to begin every day with consistency and a routine.
This session was wonderful! The image of the silver ladder leading up to a place of inspired mindfulness really connected with me... 1% Inspiration That first spark makes it all possible. But the other ninety nine is where the action is. All you have to do is hang on long enough to see it through, to honor it by working each day until you’ve made it come true. Ride the adventure as hard as you can. Have fun with it! Be as stubborn as a rodeo star until you hear the buzzer. Then simply let go...
Wow! 😯 Without a split-second hesitation, my mind not having any idea where this meditation was going, envisioned my shimmering silver ladder in a circus tent. I was climbing rung by shimmering rung to the top of the tent, the audience was holding their breath. Would I make it! Ta-da, at the close of the meditation I was standing on the platform at the tip-top of the circus tent, the spotlights upon me, arms spread wide as the crowds clapped and cheered me on. This meditation was not only inspiring, it was great fun! I am ready to go forth into my day! 💫🤩🙏♥️🙏🤩💫
My visualization is muddled
I have learned that I have trouble with visualization exercises because I cannot decide on what my mental picture should look like. So many possibilities crowd my mind that result looks like a drunken(or maybe a sober) Jackson Pollack painting!
Best way to start the day
I love using this meditation first thing, such a great start for a wonderful day!
Inspired and stronger
It is true that some days you start your day feeling uninspired and with a lot of unconscious thoughts that makes you think you are not able or strong enough to go trough your day. Motivation is very hard to preserve and it takes a lot of work to make it be present on your daily life. Just like taking control of our thoughts motivation also needs a lot of will and inspiration. We have to believe in ourselves. Our minds have the power.
Difficult to visualize specifics
I have trouble with visualization that requires me to imagine things like my “best day” or my “perfect retreat “. Anything that I come up with seems so limiting and I want to keep myself open to loving something that I hadn’t experienced before.
Oh, i began to fly when i reached the top pf the ladder 😅 I really liked the exercise
This meditation is very inspirational. Take some deep breaths. With every in breath bringing new energy and with every out breath, letting go of stale energy from yesterday. Imagine being on a ladder, slowly climbing until you reach an inspired place. Begin to feel all of the possibilities that today will bring! Inspiration is all around! Have an inspired day! ❤️🙏🏻😊
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