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Lou Redmond
Coach & Meditation Guide
When working on sharing your gifts with the world, it’s easy to fall into thinking, Who even cares? In this short talk, you will learn to let go of seeking external validation and instead become more connected to the inner source of creativity.
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I resonanted with this
As an artist, I definitely resonated with this. I actually followed this very advice (gave it to myself) and said that I would put my stuff up and didn’t really care if anyone saw it or not. It was just for me. It was validated by other people and that was nice, but it felt good just to create and put it out there. 🥹
I enjoyed listening to this. I often struggle with procrastinate. I know I need to take a leap of faith and just get on with creating. Thank you for the pep talk it has given me the motivation I need. 🙏🏾
So connected
It's good to hear how other content creators and coaches are thinking about their divine nature and what they're choosing to focus on, why. Thank you for sharing Lou. May your work have intrinsic value for you, always. I like to remember the starfish story. That every single reach or help in the way we can...matters. The whole ocean of life shines brighter for every moment we have encouraged, nurtured and nourished ourselves...and shared from that overflow of strength and life force and love, with another. So lovely to connect and sending pure light and love to all here and beyond xoxox