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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
An exercise to understanding ourselves during different moments, the triggers, and effects.
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11 reflections
A more compassionate point of view.
I learned that sometimes it takes more than one session to find my center and find a more compassionate view of my day and how I will spend my time. 😊
Concentrated perception breeds elation.
An active mind contributes to a feeling of well-being. When I go on auto-pilot, that's when I have my knee-jerk, defensive reactions because I am not truly listening in the moment. I need to stop, breathe and create space before I just fly off and react.
Concentrated perception breeds elation
I am just beginning the practice of mindfulness but it is already clear how helpful mindfulness is in so many aspects of life. This is especially true in how I have been managing my anxiety. I am finding that if I am mindful and choose to be present, it is impossible to be anxious. One of my mantras lately is "relaxed and in the moment". Taking 2 seconds to say this to myself when anxiety bubbles up is so beneficial it's almost hard to believe. I am so thankful to have begun this journey.
I'm tired
Survival protects use from threats. Living is about thoughtful, meaningful, and loving actions. I want to be different. I want to love and live rather than survive. I am getting better one step, moment, and day at a time.
Trying to do this mindfulness thing has made me realize how busy and distracted my mind actually is. Today I was running late for work forgot my lunch traffic was ridiculous and I was trying to clear my mind and zero in on my breathing and things like that with this inquiry meditation however I was still feeling anxious for being late and it's my first week and just all those emotions of inadequacy and things like that were just so much more powerful and distracting today that I could not relax. However I'm learning that just taking the time to realize that is a type of mindfulness practice and so I am getting better every day so if you were also distracted like me just now knowing that you're distracted and knowing what is going on in your mind is also a good thing
Reaction and contemplation and sereni
My state of mind changes my response to stressful events and situations. I learn that I can alter my state of mind before reacting to the situations sometimes. Maybe most of the time
Breathe your way back
I am still amazed by just concentrating on my breathing, how fast it pulls me out of the vortex my mind can create. Breathe on everyone! 👃✌️
Short and sweet. My mind was racing during this session, but I kept trying to bring it back.
it was hard for me to focus during my session, my mind kept wandering to other places.
Inquiry session
Although my mind did trail off a little during the session I was able to recognise it & being myself back to the present moment. Since practicing mindfulness over the last few days I have noticed that I am acknowledging my surroundings with more clarity & taking time for the little things. I'm really enjoying seeing the change in the season & the leaves falling from the trees as we welcome Autumn.
Autopilot your Happiness
Too often we go through life on autopilot mode. Our minds are not present in each situation and we loose control of how to handle events, situations or what we think of. Time to take that back and keep our minds present on a feeling of being and happiness.
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