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Inner World of Sensation

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
We can get so fixed in our external circumstances, with anxieties, worries, our to-do list, what the neighbors are doing (and the list goes on). A way of stepping outside of all these external circumstances is to become aware of our internal world of sensations.
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Inner sensation
Feeling my heart and hand and the sensations in my body made me feel as if my heart and hand were one unit for a moment. I mean, our whole bodies are one unit, but for once I felt it that way.
Walter J
Had a hard time relating to this meditation. I could feel a slight air movement over parts of my exposed skin and noted a few sounds but other than that there did not seem to be anything much going on...?! 😑❓🍀
Workin’ on a Building
No privilege of silence this morning during my meditation but Bill Monroe’s bluegrass gospel playing was a help not a hindrance. Namaste
Inner World of Sensation
It was good to remember that I can turn my focus inward and really be aware.
Inner World of Sensation
It’s interesting to comprehend the inner sensations of your body because when you understand that those sensations can be totally disconnected from the outside world, it makes everything stressful Out There matter a little less. If your eyes are closed, you could essentially be anywhere you think you are, doing anything you think you are.
Inner Sensations
I learned that focusing on our inner sensations rather than the noises and activity around us can be very relaxing. I almost nodded off!