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Inner Space Exploration

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
You are a miracle. True story! In this meditation, you’re going see for yourself as you explore your inner Universe and the 70 trillion cells which make up your body. Bon voyage!
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Cyndee 🌊
Breathe in energy
I didn’t totally stay present during this long breathing meditation. I still benefited because my body feels more relaxed and I tried this meditation this morning because I’m trying to get some energy flowing through my body. I can say that I definitely feel more energy and ready to take on the task of doing my back exercises. I have slacked off and I’m feeling the effects throughout my entire body but more specifically my back. I’m disappointed that I let my back issues get to this point and I’m hoping that I will find the power within me to stay motivated.
I love this app I usually feel if I’m having a really bad day I listen to aura and I always feel 5-1
If I’m having a bad day I will be doing at least 5-10% better than b4.
I am Free
I already am creating and am bring free as long as we are in the present moment than we are free.
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