Basking in Warmth
There is a place deep within us all where we find strength, inner wisdom and warmth. In this beautiful meditation, we return to this place of light. Upon hearing the chimes of mindfulness bells, I settled in and brought awareness to my breath. Breathing in...breathing out, I sensed contentment in my body and mind, which brought a calm smile to my face. As this smile traveled from my face to my heart, I felt an immense warmth growing in my chest. Once the smile made its journey, a golden light erupted, glowing my chest. With each breath, this golden light expanded to include my entire body, inside and out. Surrounded by this beautiful light, basking in its warmth, I felt immense contentment. Feeling this inner smile, I am grounded, centered and protected. Thank you for this AH-mazing meditation! I will be listening often! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️