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Inner Smile - A Kindness Meditation

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
We are often very hard on ourselves, so today I offer a kindness meditation, one I like to call the Inner Smile. Meditating with the spirit of a smile awakens our natural capacity for unconditional friendliness. It helps to activate the energy of loving kindness and gratitude for ourselves and others.
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Not for me, not tonight
Not feeling this one tonight. Think I'll go peruse the library. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Heavy Heart
Life goes on whether we like it or not. Sometimes though, something traumatic occurs in our lives, something that hurts us so much that it stops us right in our tracks. It is as if time has stopped, our progress has been interrupted by this sudden situation. As much as I don’t care to admit, I believe this has happened to me. I’ve been very hard on myself. Yes, I’ve been going through the motions of life, smiling on the outside, but deep inside, my heart has been so heavy and broken. In fact, there have been times where my heart center has felt so heavy that it has been hard to breath. Then there has been times where I’ve been frustrated with myself because I thought that with learning the invaluable lessons that meditation has taught me that I’d be better in dealing with traumatic times. I thought I’d be able to breathe through it somehow. I thought in knowing of the Law of Impermanence, which states that all relationships will end via death or separation, would somehow ease me through the next loss I would experience. Then it happened. Out of nowhere, I experienced my next loss. Granted, having knowledge of this Law has helped some, but not to the extent I thought it would. I turned to this beautiful meditation in hopes that it would help with the heaviness I feel in my heart center. While listening, I focused on my heart and became grateful for all it does to keep me alive. Giving my heart an inner smile, the pain seemed to subside a little. With each beat of my heart, this loving kindness began to spread throughout my whole body. Even though I still feel some heaviness and discomfort in my heart center, I am grateful for listening to this beautiful meditation! I will definitely be returning to it in the future.
Gratitude for Heart
Our heart is an amazing organ that does so much to keep us alive. During this meditation we focus on sending our heart a smile and feel it opening up to love. As our heart is opening up to love it sends this feeling through the rest of our body giving ourselves a hug. Showing kindness to ourselves is a form of self love. It is learning to accept who we are in this moment and say to ourselves you are okay just the way you are. May all of us be kind to ourselves today.💕🥰
I was interrupted and didn’t finish
This session was having such a powerful effect on me that even though it was abruptly ended I still had a positive experience!
Peace and Love
The speaker’s voice is gentle, soothing, and rich, and she brings you to a place of Loving Kindness. It is an insular little place, full of peacefulness and love. This meditation helps to ground you in the present moment and helps you realize the joy in life.
Like or don’t like?
Review for myself for this short meditation because it might become apart of the new morning routine I’d love to make and make a life long ritual to renew myself and bask in the energy of loving kindness.
Loving yourself
I have a hard time putting myself first. This meditation is a helpful reminder that you must love yourself. Always.
Berit Roos
Smile of friendliness
It was so easy to follow and feel my whole body being warm and smiling. To bring this to myself everyday to feel my heart full of gratitude.
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