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Inner Sanctuary

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation uses guided imagery to invite the listener into their own inner sanctuary of ease and well-being, that one can visit anytime.
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More content and now want to nap
After doing this for 5 minutes I now wanna take a nice nap in the sun somewhere not at home.
Inner Sanctuary
Lovely meditation.. thank you 🙏 it really is was relaxing
contain feelings
i learned that when i need to take a minute, or just have a breathe, i have this tool to get me to the right mindset. i can picture the perfect room, where my stress is put away, and nothing but cool vibes.
My sanctuary was cool, all around me was circular metal domes. Like a planetarium. Metal bars all around with stairs leading down to a lower level. The cool metal relaxed my mind as I felt it. And I laid down on the surprisingly comfortable floor, with the coolness in my body
Inner sanctuary
My inner sanctuary wasn’t a room. I’m not confined by 4 walls or material extravagant things. I am out in the woods, by the waterfall, in the dessert sunrise and ocean sunset. I am at peace when i am in those surroundings and they are real. How great and wonderful it is to know that those peaceful sanctuaries are not made up in my mind. They are out in the world where i can experience them and they exist. Life is beautiful. I am in love with life and my life. I am blessed and abundant with love.
Out of sync!😱
This short body scan was made extra special by giving extra thought on what my muscles go through to support me on a daily basis. I need to appreciate them more and treat them better. I haven’t been very focused on taking care of this important part of my body lately. I’m very Focused on mental wellness and nourishing my body with the best food I can eat. Not taking care of my muscles is causing my body to be out of balance and I can feel it. My whole body is out of sync! It’s time for me to do something about this, sooner not later. Thanks 🙏 Aura
My inner sanctuary was a white room with a large window in front of the sea, I’m smoking a cigarette and it’s all perfect
Walter J
What a brilliant idea... to have an inner sanctuary that I can retreat to whenever I need a moment (or more ) to myself! My space was very comforting with serene views on all sides, The ocean front beach on one side, a mountain top view of a wooded valley on another and a rolling stream with a waterfall on yet another side. Depending on my mood and what type of view I wanted it had it all ...!! Long flowing shears & curtains hung off tall decorative custom detailed wooden columns with overstuffed, oversized chairs, cushy cushions & plush pillows comfortably placed around. The music was perfectly suited with sitarist & chimes, incense burning & butterflies completing the picture... 🦋 I can come here to get answers, ask questions or just to relax & recharge!! Either way I am connected with The ONE & instantly refueled & renewed! I love this place & plan to come back often! Namaste... ❤️☮️🙏🍀💪🏼
Loved this
Thank you I walked into this inner sanctum before you even began, an enormous space, majestic white columns rise upwards and intricately design tiles with bright bursts of colour lay on the floor leading into masses of green, blue and purple huge silk cushions littered around. Chaises with white throws were scattered around the cavernous room, to my right large curtains billowed from huge windows and I could heard gulls and the mesmerising sound of waves upon a shore. The sun was high and crystalline rainbows twirled dizzyingly upon the walls to slow their dance to grace the room. To my right I smell blossoms so sweet and enticing I know a large garden lays with fruit so heavy and ripe to make my mouth water. Before me a large pool with petals and perfumes beckon, the gentle tolling of tinkling bells blend in with the earthly sounds. I hear laughter and playfulness, I am fully relaxed and know that peace is not only achievable but already here.
Inner Sanctuary
I loved this meditation. First of all, I love the idea of a sanctuary. I recently moved and just set up my den/office as my sanctuary. Even my beloved Mastiff who never leaves my side feels the holiness of my sanctuary and has been retreating to this room by choice - leaving my side to do so. So, it was easy to envision my inner sanctuary because it was simply a reflection of my den, surrounded by things I treasure. I will now be able to mentally retreat here when needed. Thank you for this meditation. 🙏
This was just like one of my posts before about ‘your Sanctuary’. No matter where, or what it is... keep it. No matter where you go in life, have a sanctuary you can rest within - even if it is the stall of a public bathroom or an imaginary place within your mind. Wherever your sanctuary, it is yours and yours alone. Do not give it up, not ever... but if somehow you do, or in any case lose it, you can again find it with the mental purity of purpose to wallow in it.
My ”inner sanctuary” looked a WHOLE LOT like a fully equipped design studio...kitted out with computers and output devices standing ready for me to create awesome designs and materials for clients!
Recalling a calm place
In a wooden lodge, in the mountains surrounded by trees, viewing the ocean, in a hammock and relax
White Yurt on the Beach
It’s decorated with whites and light blues and there are flowing curtains around the bed frame that holds the softest mattress. The bed in covered in a fluffy duvet and topped with many, many pillows. It feels like lying on a cloud. And the ocean waves can be heard so clearly, making the space even more peaceful. This was nice, but I have to say it wasn’t my favorite “inner happy peaceful place” type meditation. There was nothing really wrong- I just didn’t find it especially useful or even enjoyable.
My relaxing
I learned today that it’s okay when my artist self isn’t enough to help me destress from the day. I have my artistic imagination to help me find my peace of mind. It’s okay to use my other coping skills to deal with anxiety & stress. Most of all it’s okay to take all the time you need for yourself.
I learned that you need a space and place to go when stressed or upset and it’s ok to need to escape there once and a while
I've never thought of that room before. it seems so simple and obvious, but I'd never imagined it. what a nice place
I learned that I do really well with visualization and prompting. This mediation was particularly helpful in bringing my attention and focus in creating a ‘safe’ space just for me. That I can access this space any time I feel uncomfortable, stressed or anxious throughout the day. That I am the creator of my thoughts and I have the ability to set the tone for the type of day I want to have. To access tools that help and guide me through difficult situations. I can not control external factors but what I can control is how I respond. I can not pretend it is easy, but it is possible.
Designer sanctuary
My inner sanctuary is designed by Amber Lewis. 😂 I can’t imagine it any other way!
Inner Sanctuary Realization
I realized that I can retreat into my inner sanctuary whenever and wherever I need to. I so often forget this in the busy day to day treadmill of life, thinking I can only rest once I accomplish everything on my to-do list (which rarely happens). I think regularly taking time to be in my inner sanctuary and rest will help me more than going, going, going and running myself down.
Inner Sanctuary
Probably my favorite meditation, I felt so relaxed during this session and even afterwards. I found myself smiling because I was able to visit a whole new place. My happy place. I encourage everyone to try this meditation.
Inner sanctuary
I found it very easy today to lose myself in my inner sanctuary, I didn’t want to come back to my life for a bit. I know when I am having a rough day I will absolutely be stepping aside to come to my inner sanctuary!
It was easy for me at first to love this inner sanctuary but after a little it became harder to control my thoughts and the place became very hard to relax it and I couldn’t control it. I’ll have to work on controlling where my mind goes further on.
I felt a relief
Every day we face some stress moments. And Aura app helped me to overcome this. Thank you, my day saved!
Inner sanctuary can be helpful
I want to explore, and rest in, this inner sanctuary! Not sure if it looks like the picture, but the pic seems like a good place to start!
Inner Sanctuary
I remembered a place that was so perfect from my not so distant past. Most relaxing, wonderful setting! Just reflecting made me smile!
A good thing to remember
It’s so important to remember how we can find our sanctuaries inside ourself.
Inner Sanctuary
I learned that place visualization works best when I don’t try to fix my inner picture into set form. I let the details of this visualization change and flow without worrying that I wasn’t doing it right. I still devote too much time in the details of my setting, but at least this way the session wasn’t a total loss.
Inner Sanctuary
I learned that my happy place is my plush comfy bed caressing my body. My mind kept jumping from place to place but I had to regather myself and focus on the softness of the bed to refocus
Inner Sanctuary
This visual guided meditation helped me to remember something that I once upon a time, already knew- but had perhaps forgotten about. My whole life, it seems like I’ve been looking for something or someplace, not the places I’ve always lived everyday, but, someplace that’s exotic, different, SPECIAL, out-of-The-ordinary. While I was sitting in my comfy-umffy room, absolutely content - protected, cozy, cuddled, TRUELY ACCEPTED & completely stimulated by the sights and smells and sounds of my special special place. Instantly I knew the long ago forgotten secret that the real peace and tranquility that I search to find will never be found in any of the wonderful and strangely beautiful places in which I feel compelled to search for it. In fact, it never has been & never shall it ever be located any place farther than a daydream or a disco nap or a good nights slumber- because the only place I will ever feel that good about being was inside of my own self. That no one but myself can protect me and perfect things the way I like best besides myself. THATS WAY ITS CALLED INNER PEACE- cuz it’s always been right there inside of U.
Inner peace
Instead of wasting time trying to find a place that could cost so much money I can just close my eyes at any moment and be just as relaxed for however long I need by just picturing my inner sanctuary.
inner sanctuary
I pictured a room that is overlooking a beautiful green landscape in which I'm laying down on a swing that's covered with those really comfy comforters and a really soft pillow and I'm falling asleep on the swing as it's swinging me automatically and I'm looking out over the beautiful landscape
I’m calmer now
Inner Sanctuary
I feel okay. Throughout the day my day should be fine. Listening to mediation will help me.
It validates my belief that what you need, you will find within yourself. Little can be gained from external experiences. There is more within than without. (I said “little” not nothing). As you journey to your Inner Sanctuary, you will discover a depth of Spirit, Love and Peace eternal. An Inner Sanctum to the center of your heart and the womb of your eternal soul. ❤️😇❤️☮️
Rainy Days
The weather around me has been rainy & gloomy for a about a week now. I think it’s a reflection of my situation; however, I feel as if i’m on the brink of feeling some sort of satisfaction. I believe it will be sunny in the near future—either tomorrow or maybe this weekend, but I feel as if something great is going to come my way. Despite the chaos in my head my soul feels at ease. I think I am almost at the point of conquering my inner demons.. I am almost there.. I feel it..
I learned that when people treat me with discontent it is a reflection of their own feelings.
Thanks for the help!
This helped me build the main room of the temple in my inner world.
This is a meditation I will definitely be coming back to as the chaos of the holiday season in America gets into full swing. (What’s funny is that I did not even look at the picture but my sanctuary looks similar to the room in the picture.)
I learned that I have an internal safe place that I can go to in times of anxiety and uncertainty
Building your own sanctuary
I love this meditation. I always thought your home should be your own sanctuary, never thought about creating your own inner sanctuary. Then, I thought: what about becoming one?. For me this would mean, keeping what makes you feel good inside, letting go of anger, guilt, envy, fear and being generous to the world.
Reminder that peace comes from within.
Enjoyed this. I tend to tell myself that i need loved ones or certain places to feel at peace, when in reality i have to find such thing within me to be better off for myself & everyone else around me. Beautiful way to start off our mornings.
Expand from a room to a location. I have 3 “Inner” Sanctuaries: imagine (1) the solitude of a Pacific island shore (2) the stillness of the forest (3) the Human heart In “Cookie Cutter People,” I reveal that: “The Heart is the Sanctuary for the Soul” A suggestion ❤️🙏❤️
Timothy Hodgson
Feeling Safe
I learned that feeling safe helps unlock joy for me and for Linda, that is an important reality we have in common.
I found a place of euphoria and comfort. The world I was in was perfect and suited perfectly to me.
I learnt that the world I want to be in is in me. If I want to go there I may. It does not take any time. I just need to breathe.
Nighttime sanctuary
Creating a sanctuary to visualize and access in less peaceful moments allows me to take a break from the presenting concerns. Meditating on my feelings & allowing myself to let them pass instead of ruminating on them gives me freedom. . I deserve to let go of the power that pain and trauma can sometimes have a hold on me. I can allow myself to feel my feelings and relinquish them to the universe. I can be in control if I allow myself to be in control. To make the choice to visit my sanctuary when it is most difficult... is when I need to do it most.
Sanctuary toom
Enjoyed the feeling of my sanctuary room I can return to and sink into the comfort of it.
You can always come back
This was a beautiful place, my inner sanctuary. The fact that I’m always allowed to come back brings me so much comfort. I started to panic a moment ago when faced with the task of job hunting right now. 😥
My peace
This is me committing to entering my sanctuary whenever life gets tough. I shall not become undone by life situations because I always have access to this place. I can enter, re-center, experienfe my inner sun and then return to life.
I enjoyed this session. Discovering what my sanctuary looks like and how that relates to me and my personality made some interesting connections.
I felt a sense of peace after about a minute of listening and practicing better breathing.
I learned that there are safe places i can go to, negative emotions can be put into something positive. Focus on yourself,find yourself. Everything else will fall in place
Safe space
Besides friends and loved ones, a safe space space can be yourself and your room
Escape... for Just a moment
I learned that even a brief 3 minute escape can be refreshing, energizing and mentally stabilizing against the persistent daily, anxiety producing grind.
Inner sanctuary?
I guess I don’t have the basis or desire for the kind of inner sanctuary Cassandra guides us to develop inside ourselves. I’m not one for the typical frilly, flowy, fabric laden parlor or boudoir style room. No feather stuffed fainting couches in my imagination. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I THOUGHT I had done this session long ago, or one very much like it, where I envisioned my inner sanctuary as a fully kitted out graphic design studio...I suppose that would still be true today. Relaxing to me is the ability to work, producing creatively in a stress-free environment, just a place to allow creativity to flow and become. I guess I’m just weird? Dunno! But that’s what feels best to me!
Inner Sanctuary
My mind used to be a prison for all my thoughts whether they were negative or positive; I had too much in my head for me to take control and I would have explosive angry rants that would ruin my day and my friend’s day. In today’s lesson I learned that I can find inner peace if I just take a moment to find it
To this day this meditation remains one of my favorites! This time I envisioned my sanctuary as a small, cozy, 2-storied mountain lodge in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. I envisioned a wood interior, a balcony, a great big window inside that looks out over the valley below, a warm cup of cocoa in my hands, with my wife leaning on my shoulder as I sit criss-crossed in-front of the window with the balcony door cracked open. The crisp mountain air filled my lungs as the birds chirped below and the trees around me gently swayed. I can go to this place whenever, and that calms me. Everything will be okay.🌱💪😊
Meditating Garden Sanctuary
I don’t have anywhere else that I need to go, I don’t have anything else that needs to be done, I don’t need anything in here, everything I would possibly want I already have in my inner garden, here is where I can just be! What are the sensations that I feel in here? How does the wind feel? What is the temperature touching my skin? How does my breath feel? What do I hear surrounding me? What do I see here? Just let it go of control and let everything feel natural and organic, be the observer, be beyond yourself knowing that you can always come back here to your Meditating Garden Sanctuary.
Sink into Comfort
I felt myself sink into the cushy mattress, the heavy and warm but breathable covers surrounding me.... Very relaxing meditation. I could go to sleep now.
I have to take breaks to escape and come back. As often as I need to.
My day can start now
I learnt from my inner sanctuary, that I have made peace and that I can start my day with a clear mind and soul.
Oh how I love a guided imagery. With every step my inner sanctuary took on more amazing form...
Rough start
I learned I can change my day by changing my emotions, creating my inner sanctuary gave me a place to reflect.
Been a while
It’s been a little while since I’ve been on aura, but lately I’ve really needed to return to my sanctuary. Returning to such a safe place in the mind is enlightening, lightening to a heavy burdened soul, and refreshing to the spirit. Hope you have a wonderful day! Neither your present nor your past determines the future of your tomorrows! 💪🌲🥰
This imagery practice was perfect for a Sunday morning. It felt so luxurious and secure. I had forgotten about having an inner sanctuary.
Cassandra Carlopio... I am always amazed when I get reminded to return to my own
Sanctuary. Finding this place of inner peace is a test of time that comes and goes as many times as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The moon has such a peaceful light that it lasts forever. In the darkness I find my sanctuary as often as I need Thanks Cassandra for your awe inspiring meditation techniques that we ALL get enlightenment in our Hearts that is Timeless ❤️
Inner Sanctuary
Our inner sanctuary is inside of us and we can visit it whenever we want. It was hard for me to imagine my room or sanctuary so I’ll need to imagine what I want mine to look like more and listen to this again.
Inner sanctuary
I feel so stress free and so calm after creating an inner sanctuary. Knowing that I can become so at peace from simply going to my inner sanctuary gives me so much happiness. I will be visiting my sanctuary when I feel overwhelmed with stress and worry from my day to day activities.
I remembered that I used to have a room I went to in my mind when I was a kid .
This time I made renovations. My adult self loved this plush, beautiful space, and I will remember to go there more often.
Inner Sanctuary
Just relax, imagine, and enjoy your inner sanctuary that you can come back to and enjoy whenever ☯️
A place I can come back to
Wow. I never thought to think I can create my own place in my mind that I can come back to whenever I want. I always thought it was a physical place I had to be. And I never found that place. Creating my own felt powerful. This was a big sigh of relief for me.
Inner sanctuary
I learned that peace comes from within 😍 .. and I have the most lovely place for it within myself.
Inner Sanctuary
I learned that textures are really important and soothing for me as well as smells
My inner sanctuary !
I loved being able to access my inner sanctuary. This has truly awakened my true self! I loved being able to experience this, because not only did I feel at peace and comfortable and safe, in a place where I can create MY favourite things in my mind, I was learning what kind of place or area around me makes me truly feel like myself and all the things I love I can choose to have around me, It’s almost like I’ve been searching for this for such a long time too - wanting to create a place in my home that reflects me and the place of my inner sanctuary! And what’s even more exciting, is that I’ve known this all along - my whole life...but sometimes I think I lose myself, having other duties and playing those roles, mother,wife, employee, a physically and emotionally disabled woman, struggling with depression and anxiety always lingering there, trying to fight through the low dips, I believe it’s so easy to forget, “who IS Me?”- I never really noticed! Yet it was right in front of me. Inside me... I feel like after doing this, that I can now carry this with me, bringing it to my home and try to recreate my inner sanctuary in bits and pieces around me in my life, in my home, therefore creating a home that truly reflects me, helping me as a person find more love, joy, comfort and security in my day to day, with the hopes that it will bring more fulfillment and more purpose, or at the very least, keeping me on the right path and staying true to myself... Thank you - my heart and soul thanks you for sharing this beautiful meditation! I was looking for peace and I found it, more than for one evening, but to carry with me for much much more!✨😌🙏💕
Inner Sanctuary
I found that my inner sanctuary had elegant red and gold swirling wallpaper, a crackling fire with a golden shelf above it holding two tall red candles, and a full-body mirror just to the left of the fireplace. I rested on a plump, cream couch with a soft blanket in front of the fire.
My Inner Sanctuary
I had a tough time landing in my perfect room as my monkey mind kept tossing in different slides of what perfect was. I suppose that’s a topic to tackle later lol. I did quickly settle in on my breathing and self and realized I’m comfortable inside of me. That’s when I “looked around” (even though my eyes were closed) and saw where I always dreamed of being..in a glass enclosed room on the beach watching the waves while wrapped in fluffy chenille blankets. The visions of where I am are important but what’s more important is that I’m comfortable no matter what the vision is. Inside of me is my inner sanctuary.
Inner Sanctuary
Establish a beautiful and peaceful place inside yourself. Sit and relax there. Remember that this place is always with you and you can return there as you need.
Inner sanctuary is beautiful only limited by my imagination. Thank you for this guided tour.
I need prompting and encouragement to feel free and safe at the same time.