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Inner Retreat

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to access an inner retreat, a place of rest and sanctuary, that can be visited anytime, any place. This allows us to handle inner and outer stress, as we know we can always return to our true home, our inner retreat.
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10 reflections
Taking Nourishing Space
Even two inches of space imagined between myself and the chaotic and foreign environment helped ground me. Very stressed out from moving a week ago and the social fatigue of guests, scattered possessions and a lack of feeling in control. This helped restore some energy, and pull my focus from constant racing thoughts to deep nourishing breath and space. Thank you.
Coming home
Helpend me to come to rest and fi d peace in a very stressful time. Learned to stay present and be good to myself.
Inner Retreat
Although I enjoyed this meditation, I find that it is difficult for me to imagine and stay focused on the protective space around me, especially when I was asked to choose a protective color for this space. When I first began imagining the protective space, early childhood memories surfaced, which caused confusion. And the protective color? I spent my time facilitating between two colors. 🤪🤪. I will practice this again, but for now it seems that it is a good time to do some reflective writing. 💫🙏💫
Warm Blanket
Visualizing a 2 inch space surrounding my body like a warm blanket protecting me from any outside factors is comforting. I am breathing in the color yellow. As I continue focusing on my breathing, this color keeps getting brighter which is providing radiating light from within. I feel a sense of renewed energy, comfort, and calm. I am feeling grounded. I can return to this inner retreat anytime I need a break from the outside world by focusing on my breath and creating a protective layer.
I smiled!
Light lavender is my color I instantly felt happy I touched my body all over, recognizing all parts as covered in lavender Self connection
I could sense a light blue aura around me as I felt very relaxed
I felt like the session could have longer
One has to let their thoughts pass through. And not attach to them. Weekly do I have to do this.
I felt relaxed. Irritated that I have to give this feedback
I learned that  the sound of waves relaxes me.  your form won’t let me finish what I have to say 
I don’t like filling out forms. This is ridiculous. This is a pain.
I was able to go from heightened anxiety and hyper vigilance into a relatively relaxed state despite some external noise.
I can focus on my own well being even when conditions aren’t optimal.
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