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Inner Refuge: Sphere

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
It's so easy to get caught up in thoughts, anxiety and stress. These Inner Refuge guided meditations invite the listener to imagine or sense a sphere or bubble, so help connect to an inner refuge.
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10 reflections
I learned that I am really competitive in everything. I need to let go. I learned today I argue a lot! I need to let go.
I felt calm relaxed and safe. I felt I could use this mindfulness more often.
I enjoyed this meditation. My bubble changed regularly but was safe and peaceful. I will journey here again
I felt really calm and relaxed. I didn’t feel the pressure to feel relaxed. I learned that I might need this kind of help.
14 February 2021
I felt very calm and relaxed. I enjoy the guided meditation
Inner Calm
Especially during busy times, we get tossed around from one idea to the next, one reaction to the next, the list goes on and on. However, there is a way to remain centered amid the busyness of our lives, a way to be calm no matter what life may throw us. In this beautiful meditation, Cassandra details the way by having us imagine or sense our own unique refuge. Getting comfortable, I brought awareness to my breath and immediately, I noticed it slowing down. Focusing on my breath flowing in and out of my body, I noticed my mind becoming calmer. With my mind becoming calmer, I imagined a sphere forming around my body. Filled with a shimmery blue hue, I found myself becoming at peace in my own unique inner refuge. As I breathed this light, inner calm is the word that came to my mind. This inner calm is my refuge. Thank you, Cassandra! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I noticed that after completing this meditation, I felt significantly less anxiety in a physical sense.
These introspective moments of meditation can play a huge role in mitigating negative emotions.
I always feel like I live in a bubble. However, this meditation put it into perspective and I’m not ashamed of that feeling. Thanks Cass
Walter J
My bubble was easy to create and a nice purplish color. I am safe from any harm in my bubble so I can truly relax and let go. I can see out but not sure anyone can see in, I do not think so. It is the perfect temperature and dry inside here, quite comfortable & cozy. Yet I see it is rainy outside and the wind is blowing the colorful fall leaves off the trees. I rather like having a place to come to and be completely safe & relax for awhile. Thanks Carla for the invitation & idea!! I will be back… 🟣🍀🔮
Safe bubble
I struggled with the color at first. Nothing can bother us in this safe space we create. I pictured words and thoughts not being able to get in. That was very comforting. I pictured a large enough bubble for cozy blankets and pillows. Serene space.