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Inner Child

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Be a child again for a moment. And, keep holding on to the nice feelings we have then... just for the simple things in life. Feel it and relive it....and feel it again and again....pleasure in the heart and joy!
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11 reflections
Feel your inner child
Feel the freedom inside The nice memories. Enjoy this feeling...
This was extremely important for me to do. I actually never remember the good from my childhood, which is so wrong of me. There was a lot of good. I remembered great moments. The curious thing about this meditation is that before I began it I planned on going on a hike. Then Irene ended the meditation by saying to just go talk a walk in nature and find a special rock. So I am for sure getting some hiking gear and going for a hike. Thank you so much Irene, Namaste 🙏 🌿✨
It’s OK to feel joy
It seems that I lived in a time when we were supposed to feel guilty for being happy. The advice I might give Little Me would be to avoid those who would ask me feel guilty for my own joy. Being responsible for other’s happiness is quite a burden, and one that is ultimately futile. I felt quite wistful seeing me innocently playing. Can’t get that back once it’s lost.
It gave me back memories i forgot i even had. All the good memories of our family and growing up. I’ll be forever grateful for this.
Created a space of gratitude
I feel so grateful for all the fun my inner child had. Also for taking such great care of my body in my early years. This meditation was relaxing and I look forward to repeating it.
This meditation came at a time I needed
Thank you Universe I was thinking of my childhood and whrn I went to meditate this is the one that came up in the rotation
My child
My child was so ready to see me! Irene is a wonderful spirit
As we age, we gain a lot of responsibilities and the weight of these can weigh us down tremendously. That is, if we allow them to. Back when we were kids, we had a carefree attitude with the curiosity of a beginners mind. In this delightful meditation, we go back in time to our younger self and revisit a fun experience we had. Getting settled, I took in a few deep breaths from my belly. Giving myself permission to relax, I began to melt into my body and let out any negative energy I felt lingering around as black smoke. Having this energy now gone, I felt a sense of lightness in my body and I was ready to go on my adventure. Shrinking down in size to that of a 8 year old, I was back on Hidden Valley Road during a glorious summer day at my childhood home. Grabbing my inner tube, I began walking up the dirt road with my brother and a few of my neighbors. Entering and walking along a meandering trail through the woods, we finally made it to the rivers edge. Placing our tubes in the calm, cool water, we all sat on our individual tubes. Soon, the calm water became slightly turbulent with gentle waves. As we trekked down the river, some waves became bigger than others, splashing my body with the refreshing water. What a carefree time! Eventually, we saw a trail which leads us back to our road and we got out of the water. Back on the rocky rivers edge, I was filled with excitement as I told the others about my experience. After all of us exchanged stories, revisiting the fun moments in our minds, we walked back to the road to do it all over again. Becoming my adult self again, I held that same excitement in my heart space as I had felt back then. As I got up from my bench in the backyard, I looked down and saw a small rock. Picking it up, I was immediately brought back to that rocky rivers edge. Walking away with the rock in my hand, I thought to myself.. while there were some bad experiences in my childhood, I am lucky to have had some fun experiences, too!
Recalls Simple Joy
This is a wonderful meditation that is suitable for anyone. We could all use a few moments of joy, of abounding youthful joy. We are stuck in our jobs, we are stuck in our stresses, we are stuck in our sorrows. We could all use the simple pleasure of play. This is what Irene recalls in this simple yet ingenious meditation. I only dislike the music; other than that, this is a fantastic meditation.
Great exercise but wrong music
I felt like this is a great exercise to do, however, I found the music playing during this meditation rather distracting.
So beautiful
Please listen carefully and enjoy. It is so beautiful. And you could say it is so simple, but we never have the time to thank us for the joy of being alive and for the good moments we have lived.
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