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Infinite Serenity With Ocean Breath

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Jennifer Louise
Meditation and Wellness Professional
Drift to sleep in the serenity of your breath. Ujjayi breath is often called "Ocean Breath". By deepening the breath and slightly constricting the throat you can calm the nervous system in just a few breaths. During this breathwork, you continue at your own pace with the Ujjayi Breath while listening to a calm sleep poem about the ocean, becoming the water that you are made of. If you lose the Ocean Breath at any point, don't worry, just come back to it. At any point your body is ready, let it fall asleep. If you are practicing in the day then this technique is great for taking a break to experience your inner peace, your infinite serenity. Reconnect to the vital power of breath & water. Release tension & enjoy a restful sleep.
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3 reflections
Clear mind, deep relaxation and oxygenation! Able to drift to a visualization of the ocean, while feeling beautiful warmth and serenity all while breathing cleansing breaths and sailing off into the sunset!
Constriction during the inbreath causes me pain
I’ve never heard, that constriction while breathing in is a good idea. It feels terrible and gives me a headache.
Not good
Constriction while breathing in makes me feel uncomfortable and caused a severe headache for me.