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Infinite Peace Meditation

24 Min
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Arielle Margalit Hecht
Spiritual Teacher
This very special meditation will transport you into a state of infinite peace - enlightened awareness. You will soften into a deeply relaxed state of being, and you may even find it helpful for sleep. As you listen, your subconscious mind will align with higher states of consciousness, and your entire life will be uplifted and blessed. Listen regularly and experience healing of anxiety and spiritual renewal.
From the community
2 reflections
Very relaxing and helped with anxiety.
Her voice wad very soothing and relaxing which helped calm my nerves on a hectic day!
So nice
Really great meditation this afternoon. I needed some inspiration today. I woke up with my mind full of thoughts. I was able to close my eyes and go to my breath. I could feel it nourishing my body. My mind is relaxed and I feel much better.
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