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Increase Happiness with Gratitude

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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
These relatively easy exercises will change your mindset and allow more lasting happiness no matter what's happening in your life or where you're starting from.
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Gratitude is such a powerful feeling. Always start and end your day feeling thankful. Thinking of all the good things. And of course, love yourself.
Count Your Blessings
Keeping a gratitude journal or even just saying what you are grateful for when you are feeling down can lift your spirits. You cannot be miserable and grateful at the same time. Also, she talks about forgiving yourself. We are our own worst critic. A couple of months ago, I wrote a letter to myself apologizing for not taking care of myself. It is an old habit. I also told myself I would try my best to break this old habit. I felt good after doing this practice. If you are having trouble forgiving yourself try writing yourself a love note.
You are what you think
Constantly dwelling on bad stuff in life is just in fun. Having a gratitude journal or some other kind of way to account for the good and joyful things in life is a way to bring peace to your life.
So powerful
I found myself smiling, even a little chuckle at one point as I listened to this: such a great way that it was delivered with some humour (or perhaps that is my sense of humour) but it resonated with me and makes me want to start the exercises of a gratitude journal on a more regular basis plus as scary as the forgiveness exercise seems, I can understand with how it was presented to me how it will be beneficial and forgiveness is something I have long wanted to do but struggle with the how and really feeling like deep down I have managed it. This leaves me feeling hopeful. So I will end with my first gratitude: for this life coaching session on Aura 🙏💖
I run the space between my ears! I run the thoughts and can CHOOSE how I see and experience them! I want to choose gratitude! Mom is recovering from anemia Have my own home which Mom loves I love my home I love that Mom lives here too I am grateful she’s so easy going I’m grateful there’s little drama in life I’m grateful I can be with her full time I’m grateful I found this app