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Increase Prosperity

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Andrew Johnson
Mindfulness & Sleep Coach
Attract the right people and situations Change your relationship with money Enjoy abundance and prosperity Improve your health and happiness How you use your imagination, your thoughts and dreams, your inner mind, and the way you feel can influence the natural laws of attraction and abundance. Listening to Increase Prosperity will help you subtly alter how you interact with your thoughts and feelings to attract prosperity in whatever form you choose. Through positive messages, Increase Prosperity helps you to feel things in the right way, attract the people and situations you need, become more prosperous, and improve all areas of your life.
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Hypnosis allowed me to reach a state of calmness I had never been able to reach before. I feel relaxed and motivated. Affirmations feel possible to me now.
Enjoyed session
I’m hoping to go further in each time in order to believe in what I’m hearing. I love the narrators voice.