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In the Space Between Your Breath

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this Meditation for Mindfulness, discover the magical "space" between your inhalation and exhalation breath as a place to dwell in stillness, in calm, and - in bringing your awareness and attention into the present moment. One of my favorite meditations to experience! xo Dorothy
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3 reflections
Like a wave
When I paid attention to the space between inhalation & exhalation, there was a very slight pause at the end of inhalation but at the end of exhalation, it seemed to flow into the next in-breath without hesitation. It reminded me of gentle waves coming and going on a sandy beach. A very nice feeling. Very relaxing. I really like this meditation! ❤️🌷
Jo Anne
I felt a calmness come over me as I concentrated on the space between inhaling and exhaling. I really felt ready to get on with my day!
jess 🧡
i loved that this meditation was a little different to the other ones. this being because she drew our attention to our inwards breaths rather than the outward breaths. this really allowed me to focus contently :))
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