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Improve Your Mood: Behavioral Activation

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Behavioral Activation is a concept taken from psychology. It suggests that by deliberately practicing specific behaviors you can “activate” a more positive mood. Use this short track to help you learn how to apply this principle in order to begin to improve your mood.
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9 reflections
Behavioral activation
It’s so true that making a habit of engaging in healthy activities is essential for our mental and physical health. It seems true also that having periods, either short or long, of semi-isolation helps prepare us for the mission of being able to handle a consistent regimen of healthier choices. Self-reflection is good, but certainly not in large doses. It’s all about balance in life. Hard to achieve but possible with practice, meditation, prayer.
Stress and sadness
I learned that when I pull away from interacting with others I feed my monster of stress which brings on sadness and I fall deeper away from me and the activities I enjoy. I have to consciously plan to be engage in activities that I enjoy especially with loved ones.
Move mood move
Having a choice to add movement motion to alter mood means I have to be aware that I am in federal plan and not dawdle. Stretching taking a deep breath lots of quick maneuvers ti break the stuckness
A very useful reflection indeed. When I was depressed I found it impossible to do things and a friend sugggested going for a walk. Even A short one and it works.
I learned that even small activities like going for.short or meeting a friend that you have not seen for a while can help. I will try to incorporate in my routine.
Improving my mood
I have been slacking on doing activities lately that I enjoy. This meditation has reminded me that I have to make things happen! Be more motivated. Stop procrastinating and isolating.
Small changes
I am definitely one to do the other thing instead of the thing I know I need to do. Doing the thing would make me feel 10x better over the thing I’m trying to pass it off with. Small steps. Baby steps 🤍
Starting small
Focus on accomplishing small easy and enjoyable tasks when feeling down
I get paralyzed by how I feel
I need to move. Not stay in bed. I get stuck with this heavy dark cloud in my chest and heart. A deep sadness that I have trouble shaking. I’m trying to just feel it, love it and let it pass through.
Improve your mood
I learned that I really need to engage in activities I enjoy more often. It's part of self love and care. Sometimes even when I don't feel like it at the time. Our bodies and minds tell us what we need. It's up to us to take action. I always feel better when I do.