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Immersive 8D Sleep Hypnosis Session

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Mark Bowden
Clinical Hypnotherapist
I hope you enjoy my most immersive sleep hypnosis session yet. Utilizing a surround sound experience where it will feel like my words are drifting from left to right, in front of you and behind you. Please let me know what you think of the experience.
From the community
2 reflections
What is being said? The goal? The description is really vague…
People are commenting they don’t understand w what’s being said . I call tell you I’m an insomniac for 30 years . Taken drugs ( prescription ) nothing has ever worked pleasantly .
I sleep so soundly and refreshed . . Three straight weeks . I don’t care what it says . I love Marks voice in all his tracks . So thrilled I found this app almost a year ago after death of a friend . Thank you universe .
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