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Imagining Yourself Giving Flowers to Others

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Practicing generosity, giving gifts to others and seeing their happiness can be a great way to boost your mood - even if you're just imagining it!
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Giving Flowers
I love flowers and my flower garden. Imagining myself sharing flowers from my heart’s garden was pleasing. I even gave you one in gratitude for your guidance.💐🙏
Giving flowers to people
To be Kind to others serve With Love Hate what is evil hold tight to what is good ( Jesus )
My daily mantra is to be kind to others. Kindness has a ripple effect, once started, encourages others to do the same. I find the best act of giving is when it is done with sincerity and without expectation that it will be reciprocated. But always with the hope that it brought joy to the recipient.
Giving Flowers
In this meditation, Jiva has us visualize having a flower garden within our heart. Then we visualize giving flowers to people whom we know well, ones that we do not know well and finally to ones we do not know at all. I visualized a Japanese flower garden within my heart. As I was tending to my garden filled with a colorful array of cosmos, peonies, morning glories, irises, and hydrangeas, I began to see people I knew coming down the path towards me out of the corner of my eye. I got up, turned and greeted them with a smile as I gave them a bouquet of flowers. They said thank you and went on their merry way. I no sooner went back to caring for my garden and I saw people I don’t know very well come down the path towards me. Once again, I got up, turned and greeted them with a smile as I gave them a bouquet of flowers. They said thank you and went on their merry way and I returned to revamping my garden. After a time, I saw some more people come down the path towards me, only this time I did not recognize their faces and had come to the realization that I did not know these people at all. Regardless, once again I got up from kneeling, turned and greeted them with a smile as I gave them a bouquet of flowers. They said thank you and went on their merry way. I then returned back to tending to my garden. Giving flowers to all of these people, my heart became light and filled with immense joy. In a sense, we all have a flower garden within our heart. Indeed, we all have various ‘flowers’ within our heart that we can give to others. This giving of our ‘flowers’, whether it be in the form of a listening ear, a gentle touch, a smile, a helping hand, can impact the overall well-being of others as well as the overall well-being of ourselves in such beautiful ways! Each morning upon waking, think of who will receive your ‘flowers’ today! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
“How does that make you feel?”
I learned that doing small, random acts of kindness such as smiling or greeting people, offering to help the elderly, or even playing with kids, allow us to let others know that we are capable of being compassionate and considerate. Little did we know that it also allow us to feel good about ourselves and feel a sense of generosity and happiness. Jiva said that there’s an unending supply of flowers in our garden. So I like to think that we too have an unending supply of kindness in us that we haven’t tapped into yet, and these little acts of kindness are just manifestations of what we are capable of. Imagine if we all look forward into feeling that “after-kindness” happiness the way others seek that “rush” in the form of wordly possessions. Thank you for sharing this wisdom. Namaste 🙏
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Wonderful start to the morning
This is beautiful. A wonderful start to the morning. So glad to see that aura revamped the app!!
Flowers For Others
What a beautiful vision... a flower garden in your heart. Freely being given to others. Remember that giving try gifts from the heart does not take away from what you have but actually increases it
Being kind
I’m today’s lesson I learned that kindness goes a long way. If you treat someone with kindness you will receive the same kindness back but if you treat someone with disrespect you will be treated with the same disrespect, life is too short to treat others terribly always choose kindness and love over being disrespectful.
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
An all time favorite
The first time I did this, when it asked me to think of someone I didn’t know so well, I thought of someone who at this point, just a few months later, has gone from stranger to friend. I believe it was in part to thinking of her this way - in giving her a flower.
There’s always time for Kindness
I want to acknowledge with kindness the people in my life, from dear ones to strangers. Namaste
This happy place is centred within us. Accessible anytime, if we imagine, visualise
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