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Imagining Our Thoughts Like Traffic Passing

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
While we meditate, we can often feel that we 'can't do it' because our minds are full of thoughts. We can't make thoughts go away, but we can get some perspective on them, and that's where a metaphor like busy traffic can help.
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Thoughts Like Traffic
This was easily relatable imagery. Thanks for the great session and your wisdom.🙏🏻
Thoughts like traffic
This time I really wanted to just focus on my breath and was a bit frustrated when she kept asking what kind of thoughts were coming up. I learned that it’s easier to focus on my breath when I’m too tired to think!
Seeing my thoughts 💭
I just happened to be at a park looking across a small lake. Cars are passing by on the road across the lake, I assigned the color red for problems I need to solve; black for bad experiences I need to resolve and move on; silver for good memories; white for good things to come(dreams & wishes).
Walter J
This was a bit confusing for me. I was relaxing and absorbed in my breathing and my mental highway was basically empty ... until, she started naming possible thoughts and then my mind tried to go in that direction until she named another and then it tried to go that way...?!?
Interesting practice
I notice that during meditation, I tend to think mainly about how I will respond to the current session here in text at Aura when the audio program is complete. I'm constantly in a planning mode while working to filter out background noises and distractions. This is true in my regular life as well. I'm often thinking about new design ideas and project possibilities. But then I already KNEW this about myself! I accept it, and frankly? Embrace it! Fully! It makes me who I am!
It Was Nice
I did think that this session was very calming, but she did not tell us whether or not to close our eyes, or how to breathe.
Perspective and mindset can shift stress levels you experience in your life. Each one different, each one ever-changing...
Cyndee 🌊
Acknowledge and move on ⭕️
When I over think everything and dwell on thoughts that enter my mind one after the other, I feel like I can’t really be present in the moment. Let them in, take a moment or two to acknowledge, take some easy deep breaths and move on. Namaste🙏
Stop the traffic
We are constantly on the move; thinking about the things that need to be done, what we want, the demand our boss had for us, among other things. Something I learned is that anxiety comes from dwelling in the past and the future; what we could’ve done differently and how, now, our future will be impacted by it. We need to stop or rather, slow down the flow of thoughts. Just breathe. We are in control.
Today i had struggles waking up. When noticing my thoughts and memories i often go somewhere else in my mind. So it was nice to use this session to stay grounded and keep my mind on going to work.
Thoughts are not who I am.
Someone shared this same sentiment with me yesterday. This is something I need to work on because I think I let this happen or at least my behavior to be lead by thoughts into my external environment influencing what I am thinking is real or what is happening when it is my own Sense of reality not what is real.
This is one of the easier methods for me to do...sometimes it gets a little repetitive to constantly go back to the breath
Thoughts Like Traffic
I really like this meditation. I have only been meditating for a little over a year and I only started through using the aura app. I was always worried about my mind wandering but this meditation makes it perfectly clear that the thoughts that enter your head don’t have to be followed. They can be like cars and traffic and just let them go by and come back to the breath.
The Morning Comute
Nice to just observe rather than immediately participate in my thoughts, all reviving up for the day, each wanting to take me down a different road. Namaste
Passing by
Really enjoyed this quick meditation. It allowed me to step back from all the crazy thoughts occupying my attention snd just be in the moment.
Sunday drive
To just observe and not have to react to all I see is helpful. Namaste
I learned that I can still have thoughts when meditating &not get overwhelmed. What a great experience
New Perspective
I learned a new strategy for handling random thoughts. Awesome!
I’m so grateful for these meditations videos
I’m so grateful for these meditation videos and I feel relaxed at the end of my day and no matter what I have learned from these things if I feel stressed or tired or sad I have people that always ask me if I am ok or what is wrong with me and it’s so great that I feel so relieved at the end of every session and I don’t feel as stressed anymore because I meditated I feel like a weight has been lifted I’ve always noticed that at the end of the meditation I cried some but that is only because I feel sad when I am missing my friend Jason or Christie this meditation is so great I ❤️ it
Another good analogy to allow the thoughts to pass like traffic and not engage
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