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I Welcome This New Day

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Lai Tattis
Hypnotherapist, Life & Meditation Coach
"I Welcome This New Day" is a morning intention meditation that sets the tone for a positive and purposeful day. Through soothing guidance, it helps you connect with your true self and align your energy with the Universe. By setting a clear intention, you cultivate focus, motivation, and confidence to face any challenges or opportunities. This meditation brings peace, clarity, and a sense of empowerment to manifest joy, abundance, and fulfillment in your life. Whether new to meditation or experienced, it offers a perfect start to infuse your day with positive energy and embrace your journey with purpose.
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2 reflections
This new day
I enjoyed this. It brought me to such a peaceful place of tranquility. As I sit here and listen, a nice, cool breeze comes in softly on my face. I feel really good. I can hear frogs in the distance. The day is coming to an end, allowing another day to begin tomorrow! New beginnings....
I welcome this new day full of infinite possibilities and blessings. I allow the energy of each moment to flow through me gracefully. I will lead with presence, walking hand in hand with curiosity and care in everything I do and in every encounter I have. I welcome this new day. Namaste 😊❤️☮️