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I Want The Best!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
On this spiritual journey, you`ll eventually get to a place in your life where you start to listen to your own soul. No more putting yourself on the back burner. No more neglecting your own needs and desires in order to fulfill the desires of others. It`s not selfish to take care of yourself because you deserve it! Cheers~
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Husk du godt må
Jeg må godt ønske mig selv det bedste og sige fra overfor det der giver mig dårlig tanker og følelser
The Best
Oh, so beautiful were these words. We all need to give ourselves the BEST!!
The best
I want the best for me. I need to remember that it’s not selfish to say no to things that I don’t enjoy doing. I shouldn’t say yes to make others happy or like me. It’s up to me to choose happiness everyday.