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I Care About You

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
What we practice, grows in us - so why not try this practice of saying silently to another, 'I care about you' to help that caring heart grow stronger?
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15 reflections
While it is a very nice track when it reminded me of the person I care about it gave me terrible anxiety, and even though it was not the tracks fault it did leave me sadder than before.
I Care About You! 💕
Sometimes in our busy days we don’t take the time to think about those people who make a difference in our lives - friends, colleagues, family members. . . This meditation helps us send out our gratitude in 3 short minutes. I wonder how many others will have an experience similar to mine? After focusing on warm thoughts of care for another’s well-being, it was me who felt a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.
Caring energy
The more outward my attention to those around me, the more empathetic and caring I become. I begin to take things less personally as my ego is not triggered by this mindset
My mom
I felt so much better sending positive intention to someone I love.
Will be repeating this one
I love the idea of using meditation time to send love to the people I care about. I will be doing this for everyone in my family. It will be a perfect Saturday ritual.
Good mornings
Love this practice. I can’t wait to start implementing it every weekend. Note to self: get some ear buds so my husband doesn’t interrupt me. Haha
To care
To care is to be fully in the moment. Not just being mindful of the moment, but to care deeply about what we find in it. Namaste
A Good reminder!
It's important to remind yourself about the people who care about you and those you care for! I am blessed to have God and a family in Him 💞! I found this meditation very soothing 😌.
Teachings/Meditations like this one and many others are priceless and pure from where the root of good begins (the soul of a good messenger), and they work!! Thank you!
Sharing is Caring
Caring about others. Wishing someone well without them knowing.. is such a selfless act of love. It puts your own needs aside for just a moment. Wanting them to be happy and healthy fills my heart with love, as I hope that they feel the love that I'm sending miles and miles away.
Reminder to Care Again
Thank you for reminding me about the people I cared most. To be caring in such situation is a priceless things. It also makes me feel more human, and it's good
To Care for Everyone and Everything
Over the past few years I have come to realize the importance of caring for the people in my life; friends and family and how much they impacted me and my life positively. I also learned the importance of caring about myself as well and how it is just as important as caring for others in your life. Another important lesson I learned about people is that there will be people who care about you and others who won’t you just got to learn to ignore and take those negative people and toxic people out of your life for a better you
My heart is lighter!
During this meditation, I felt stress leave my body because I was focusing on my love for someone else. It puts things into perspective and makes you realise how lucky you are to have people around you that you can care about so deeply! By the end of the meditation my heart definitely felt lighter and now I am ready to start my day!
I felt everything melt away. So relaxing. It felt so good to get lost in it. Mmmmm
I noticed that bringing this person to mind with caring intention brought joy and rest to me.
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