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I Care About You All

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Whatever we feed and water in our minds, is what grows....just like a garden. So by watering the seeds of care and love, we increase our capacity to care and love, both ourselves and our loved ones.
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8 reflections
Walter J
What a Great experience this 7 min meditation was for me. I am parked in my car and it is 30 degrees outside with heavy clouds and wind. 💨 Just as I start this session the warmth in my heart chakra was ignited by the sun peaking thru a cloud onto my chest.🌥 We were instructed to pass care, love & peace onto those dearest to us as we stood around in a big circle. Each time I mentally repeated the phrase, I felt my heart center growing brighter, warmer and more radiant even though the heavy cloud cover was now blowing by ...whew! And as we were returning to reality the sun was again shining on me thru another gap in the clouds making me warm all over🌤 or ... was that the result of the meditation !? ❤️🌞🍀 P.S. I Care About You All!
Circle of Well Wishes
Visualizing a circle of all my good friends, hubby, 2 dogs, and Aura tribe fills my heart with warmth and love. I wish all them good health and happiness. Sending well wishes to all the people I care about makes me smile and brightens my day.
I care
Perfect Monday Morning meditation to start my day, reminding me “ I care” for people and animals, that we all are happy, as we move through our day.. I care❤️
Care for others
I appreciate that this puts me in a positive frame of mind and sends out love to people in my life.
I feel love coming back into my life...I am grateful for my daughters, my health and I am excited to live today!
I learn more each day on ways to switch my thoughts and I also accept myself when I struggle knowing all is well💗
I Care About You All
A wonderful image... all the people and animals you care about around in a circle with you. Wishing them well, sending them good thoughts about how much you care about them... It really makes you appreciate those in your life that are close to you.
Sad to think of all the in-person time missed due to the Pandemic but helpful to re-affirm that does not diminish the love and care between us. Namaste
Feeling Calm and Spiritual, and me focus on breathing and relaxation!💟
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