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I Care About Myself

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
We often find it easier to show love and care for others than for ourselves - but it's so important to find it for ourselves too! after all, you are the only person who's always there for yourself! this practice can transform our relationship with ourselves, from one of criticism to one of love and care.
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I care about myself
I do care I just need to change the way u think about myself. I want to care I want to be happy I want to be healthy.. I do care about myself..
Went to sleep feeling down and depressed, woke up feeling similarly, but this meditation put a good feeling in my mind /heart & body. This was a good mindful moment for me. Gonna try to return to this when i feel flat.
I learned that I actually do love myself. And I do intend on taking care of myself.
Self Care-Priority
Self care has always been something I have struggled with. I know and have experienced the benefits of it. But, still put everyone else first before my needs which I know is something I need to work on to fill my bucket up. This meditation was a great reminder to care for myself. It felt good to take this short time out for me.
Be my own guest- are you comfortable?
A good intention, to look after myself today and make sure I’m seated/standing comfortably throughout the day. Namaste
I care about myself
As I pause to meditate, I am grateful for all of the ways my body has cared for me for these past 24 years. As I start my 25th year of life, I will continue to love and nourish the body that does so much for me every day.
Happiness memories breath life great fullness love emit my inner peace and grateful for blessings
I was able to be mindful just now. Doesn’t always happen, but feels so good when it does. Especially since I had a cloudy mind today. Excellent.
I done play myself a lot, I’m hard on myself and don’t give myself too much credit, I rather not be
I have to love myself before I can truly love anyone else I have to put that same positive energy I put in the world into myself if I truly want to be happy
You’re the only person you can rely on to look after yourself. To care for yourself.
I care about myself
So hard to say those words, “I want to take care of myself.” Easier when she said it was just to set an intention. Easier still when I think how much better we are able to take care of others if we’ve taken care of ourself. Perhaps the greatest thing I could teach my 3 great grandchildren is self-compassion. I’ll have to practice first!! What a gift this Aura is!!!
Self care should always come first in your life.
This self-care track was meant to inspire you to go out and actually care for yourself. It was designed to show you a thing or two about what is meant by self care in general and also to show you some of the nuances with emotional self care, spiritual self care, physical self care and pampering self care.
In the pursuit of taking care of other people, we often dismiss self care. It brings more harm than good, so it is important to pause and start looking after oneself.
Hard to do
It feels hard to say to myself, or think, “I care about myself”
I care about myself
When I take deep slow breath I’m feel calm and relax. I care about myself when I’m doing something right when I’m happy 😃
I Care About Myself
I learned that I need to do more to take care of myself. I’m always putting everyone else before myself and that is unbalanced. Starting today, I’m going to have the intention to take care of myself so my actions can manifest that I truly do care about myself.
We always take care of others before ourselves. It's okay to take time out for us. We have to give ourselves permission to take that time.....
After self-care meditation
I learned that motivation in the morning just after I’ve woken up helps me to relax and is an amazing start to the day.
Anxious meditation
I leaned that it is ok and I need to understand it is ok to feel this way.
Elisabeth C.
I care about myself, I want to take care of myself
As I repeated those words thoughts entered my mind about the ways in which I’m not taking care of myself. Some self care actions are much harder than others.
Marc Henry
I care about myself
I care about myself so much I repeat those words every morning I open my eyes.
This is my first time using this and it didn't work. Am I doing something wrong?
Just what I needed today
After a full day of self hate and doubt I learned to stop and take a few minutes to reassure myself that I care about myself and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself
i just feel super tired and my body aches. i am thinking abt the future too much
I care about myself
Sometimes we all need those reminders said out loud by ourselves
I Care About Myself
I want to take care of myself. As a person who grew up with the repeated messages of unworthiness and “not good enough”, it has taken me years to accept the belief that it is okay to care about myself and desire to take care of myself. This gentle meditation is a wonderful way to be reminded daily that it is perfectly okay to care about myself. ♥️
The small things
Burning candles. Meditation. Prayer. Silence. Music. Reflection. Acknowledging emotions. Processing loss. Savoring coffee. Eating a cookie. Petting my dog. Are some of the many ways I care for myself.
Safe Space
I learned that I need to spend my 3 mins somewhere that I will b able to actually focus
Calms anxiety
Seems like it should be easy but it takes concentration to be able to reach 10 breaths. Helps calm you down
Not Selfish
Usually taking time for just yourself or self care implies neglect for others. Taking moments to breathe and care for myself are good for me and for those around me. It doesn’t have to be selfish, but instead an act of self love to be at my best
I care about myself
I linked caring about myself to using mindfulness strategies to deal with anxious thoughts. By that I mean using such strategies are tools to care about yourself.
Setting good intentions to me
The power of intention is unlimited. This one was so efficient, a warm wave was going throught my body during the whole practice
caring for myself
This was much needed as I don't take care of myself all the time. I am glad to take even three minutes to take care of myself. thanks for this good reminder.
To put myself, my feeling, selfcare as priority and guadiance for my action.
I care about myself
I was able to see myself from an outside perspective and see that I deserve to be cared for and I can get that care from myself
Mary Alice
I loved this meditation.
It’s so easy to be critical of myself but it felt so good to be loving. I need to do this more often!
I care about myself
That I need to stay present, and to remind myself that I’m worthy of love.
I learned to acknowledge the love within me that I have for myself. As much as I love giving acts of love to others, I often forget about doing acts of love and saying words of love to myself.
What it means to me
Taking care of myself also means being conscious of my subconscious limiting thoughts, nurturing my inner world, re assuring myself of how I can overcome anything in my path. It means loving the parts that I sometimes feel ashamed of (past, physical, environment) understanding that it’s not about anyone else in this world but how I feel and think about me.
Caring for myself
In doing this meditation, I realized that I have been beating myself up over things I have no control over, and that is not helpful. I can take care of myself by being kind to myself even when my circumstances aren’t what I want them to be.
Amy Elizabeth
Title of Meditation: I Care About Myself!
I learned that in order to love another human being fully, joyfully & unconditionally, we must also Love ourselves- our own God Given Souls. In this way you RADIATE LOVE to Others, especially those whom we already have the Privilege to love - our Soulmates. Amen
Be your Own Best Friend
You have to be your own best friend first because you can sometimes be your hardest critic but you are truly your life’s soulmate - the essence of what makes you you is bound up together forever and that’s beautiful because you can be there to support yourself as you grow
I care about myself. I care about myself and want to take care of myself. I am always reliant and always there for myself and really, healing needs to start and come from me.
Not feeling well
I feel better when I meditate. I have anxiety leading up to it but I always feel better after. Self care and love is important. The kitchen was noisy but I still felt I was able to focus.
Self care
It very easy to get caught up in trying to help others and take care of others and we easily neglect to fully take care of ourselves. This has been my go to phrase for weeks now. He do I take care of me? What do I need ? How do I get to a point where I feel my best ? I am a bit tired today. So today I will take care of myself by allowing myself to get a little bit more rest, and not pushing myself so hard.
I’m liking the meditations so far
I’m liking the meditations so far because they let you know that you can let go of anything you have in your head and I am really loving it because I love that you can just feel like you are always in a peaceful meadow and you feel like all the negative thoughts just leave your mind and that you can feel like you’re a whole new person again it’s a great way to start your day I’ve noticed that when I meditate all the negative disappears and it leaves your mind and not only leave you alone but positive thoughts come in like meditation will come in and help you think about something new
I have not only noticed that meditation does not do just for
I doing meditation and it’s starting to work and it’s starting to take my mind off every thing and I feel so relaxed and so less stressed out about everything I have noticed that when I meditate the lord comes up and said to Margo don’t worry I got you put all your worries in my mind and give them all to me I pray all the time and I pray god give me peace I just want to live in my own apartment again and that is my own peace and that is the saying that the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace long suffering kindness goodness and my favorite is love
I learned to focus on me and to say it out loud with intention.
Most of the time we spend our time meeting our men’s and our children’s needs
As a woman, I understand that we have been trained for generations to put the needs of our spouses our parents, our children and grandchildren, and those who we care for so we put the needs of the people around us in front of ours, which intern means that we may not meet Our sleep needs, our nutritional needs, our supportive and emotional needs from the people around us, and we may ignore signs of potential illness or injury or stress that might require us to intervene, even if it is only for a few moments. These are the times when I try to take moments before my caretaking and beloved responsibilities to make sure that my needs are addressed as best they can, and if not fully that I have scheduled time later to address those needs it’s just a thing about us women that we always feel that we need to put the oxygen on our children first before we put them on our self, like the airplane public service announcement
Self care
I am very hard on myself. It is time to stop. I should care for myself just like I care for my loved ones
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