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I Am The Embodiment Of Greatness

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
“I AM the embodiment of greatness. Today I choose to be the fulfillment of my spirit’s potential." Doubt is quite insidious. It has a way of creeping in and becoming a shadow that dims your self-confidence, making you limit yourself and ultimately dimming your Light. This Minute Mantra was crafted to help you remember that you are worthy, that you are able to reach any goal you set for yourself, and most importantly that you are Great.
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Empowering Words
We live in a society that focuses on weaknesses rather than strengths. This collective focusing on what’s wrong in any situation is further compounded in our own mind and as a result, makes our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us skewed towards the negative. Not trying anything new for fear of failure or not taking the time to go within to have our dharma revealed to us, we either find ourselves living in a box that wasn’t made for us or in a job that we are skilled at, but one that we do not love wholeheartedly. Not knowing our true soul’s potential, we find ourselves living our life unhappy and unfulfilled. And, life is far too short for us to live like that. So, in order for us to not end up living our lives unhappy or unfulfilled, we must take our live into our own hands. Taking our life into our own hands, we must realize our unique superpowers and then not allow anything or anyone take that power away from us. The first point requires us to go within, realizing who we really are and what we are not. Once we have realized who we are, we can then recognize our strengths. Focused on our strengths rather than our weaknesses, our dharma is soon revealed to us. Going after what attracts us by saying Yes to our dharma requires us to have faith in the unknown, even when it sounds silly to others and especially when it sounds silly to ourselves. This necessary step worth exploring brings us to our next step, which is Action. We must be causal in what we want in our life because things just won’t happen on their own. Focused on what we want, we must always remember that we are worthy of living a happy and fulfilled life. This is where our daily thoughts, words and actions make all the difference in the world because we won’t feel very worthy if they do not align with who we know ourselves to be. Thus, having an empowering self worth talk with ourselves is needed on a regular basis. This awesome pep talk by Dr. Toni is one that I highly recommend listening to and I’ll even take it a step further in highly recommending writing down these very empowering words onto a piece of paper and then read them on a daily basis! For being reminded that we are all the Embodiment of Greatness will not only help us individually, it will help the Betterment of Mankind, or B.O.M! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Embodying ...
I Am the Embodiment of Greatness! I Am a body that has been Blessed with Greatness! We all are! It is right there inside us waiting to be called on, utilized and shared with the world. We become Great by first Thinking Great thoughts, then speaking Great truths and finally by doing Great deeds or performing Great Acts. Great Acts create Great re-actions aka Great results. But it all starts with Thinking Great Thoughts. And Dr. Toni gives us a bunch of Great Thoughts to think & say to ourselves on a regular basis - daily if not hourly - to remind us that Greatness is already in us and needs to be discovered, activated and utilized by us. Reading Cherish’s excellent reflection on this meditation reminds me how important this inner work we are all doing is. We all need to become example of Greatness so we can attract more people to also become Great in order to raise the collective Greatness of our society. We need to change our society’s focus from: What’s bad? What’s wrong? & Who can we blame? to: What is good?! What is right?! & What needs done next?! And Dr. Toni & Cherish have the answers!! Thanks ladies for the Great reminder... I Am the Embodiment of Greatness! ❤️🙏🏼🍀
I am the embodiment of my spirit
I was drawn to this channel because Dr. Toni has a brown face like mine. I enjoy Aura and have gained so much peace and healing from using it daily. I have always wanted to see someone who looks like me and hear a voice that sounds familiar, and I’m happy to have that now with her channel. I was moved several times as I listened to this mantra which speaks to inner work I am currently in the midst of. The language used is empowering. Speaking of propelling myself into my calling, not shrinking into a box and investing in myself are habits I have adapted and want to solidify in my brain as my default mode of being. I’m grateful for the support this gives me. My
I needed this
I like the repetition in this. I really needed to hear this today and every day
Soothing voice
I am extremely stressed today and this really helped. Her voice is very calming and soothing which I really like and need in meditation
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I love Dr. Toni’s voice… gentle but powerful, GREATNESS! I added this to favorites. Everyone needs to hear it.
I love Dr. Toni❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dr. Toni is my official “go to” when I need inspiration, guidance, reassuring knowing who I really am. Her voice is powerful, yet soothing. Listennnnnnnn… you won’t be disappointed. I actually have a journal I talk about Dr. Toni in🙏🏾 Breath easy ya’ll
I Love Dr. Toni❤️
When I need reassurance, or inspiration, Dr. Toni is the official “go to” for that. Her voice is powerful, yet soothing, just what I need. I am a journaling person, and she is all up in it! Listennnnnnnn to her and you will breath easier, more peaceful 💜🙏🏾
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