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I Am Not Lonely, I Am Alone

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
“I AM alone to be exactly who I am…” When we are going through tough times, we like to be around others...Sometimes as a helping hand and sometimes just to drown out our inner “noise”. But there are times in our life that require us to be alone to sort out the baggage that is weighing us down-- to get rid of those emotions and thoughts that are no longer serving us so that we have room for growth. This message is designed to give you solace in those “lonely” moments and to remind you who you really are.
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I am
I learned that I should be more connected with myself, my body. On a deeper level than I was all those days, weeks, months. Inner fulfilment starts with me. I’m more than my worried mind. I’m more than my mistakes. I’m more than my plans. I am me. From now on I am more connected to my inner peace and voice. I care about myself. I create my own safe space. I’m the best friend to myself.
I was immersed in this. Strong words for being a strong person. I am! Unpealing, revealing, and healing. I am not lonely!
I’m alone
I became aware of why it has been difficult for me to be with myself. Not wanting to deal with the pain!
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