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I Am Grateful

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
This short meditation uses a simple affirmation to invite you to incorporate gratitude into your daily life in a more intentional way.
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All too often we are grateful after some event happens in our life. In this meditation, we practice intentional gratitude to cultivate well-being no matter what is happening within us or around us. As they say, there is always something to be grateful for. We just have to be open to receive it. Sitting upright, I connected with my breath and felt the sensations of my belly riding and falling. Relaxed, I brought in the simple, yet powerful affirmation, I am grateful. As I repeated this phrase, my heart began to open to everything I had been given in this moment. Awakened to the seen and unseen blessings that this day brings, I will embrace each moment as the treasure that it is. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Grateful every day
So much to be grateful for, be mindful if, and appreciated as we live. Namaste
Grateful for the opportunity to consciously participate in my mental well being
I’m benefiting from being an active participant in my mental well being. I’m feeling empowered from the consistency of doing the work
Gratitude List ❤️
I am grateful for… 1.Sunshine 2. Fresh air 3. Clean water 4.My friends 5. Connecting with the divine 6. Daily meditation practice 7.Aura app 8.Body is getting stronger everyday 9. Mentally, today is a good day 10.Making time for myself 11. Ability to accomplish a few things off my to do list 12.Chocolate protein smoothie 13.Listening to music 14. Soft grass
I am greateful
We yield positivity when we appreciate the goodness that’s around us.
I am Grateful
Not only be grateful for the big things in life but to be grateful throughout the day for the little things also!
Perfectly Concise
I enjoyed this. It's not just for mornings. It's an any time refocus your attitude meditation and im here for that.
I learned that my husband would be willing to listen, and he is accepting of me wanting to em corporate this into my routine
I Am Grateful..
I am grateful to be alive. I Am Grateful for my friends. I Am grateful to be stronger everyday. I Am grateful to have anything i desire. I Am grateful for the love i receive everyday. I Am grateful to be happy. I Am grateful for having a support system. I learned that things happens for a reason but im the creator of my reality, so i am grateful to have everything i wish for.
I Am Greateful
I noticed that I am not grateful enough for the little things that go well through my day
I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to know such a person in my life. It is so sad that you had to leave this life so sudden. I am so gratefull that you shared your love with us and showed us what a wonderful life is.
Repeating I am Grateful isn’t a bad idea for a mini pause during the day. I was grateful today. I’m grateful for Mary Gregory. 🥰
I am grateful
I like the the affirmation ends there, not finishing with for what or for how long. Always just grateful. Namaste
Gratitude is especially helpful in times of overwhelm.  when thoughts feel convoluted, coming back to simple gratitude is extremely helpful.
I am grateful
What a great idea to take this pause during a stressful day. It’s so easy to get caught in negativity when stressed.
It’s good to recognize
That I can be grateful for opportunities to show love. Sometimes we are looking for others to provide for us. Today, I provided for another.
Carolyn Schneiderman
30 minute panic attack today
Lying in hall on floor, clutching to carpet as if I were vulnerable to falling (off?) somehow. As I was enduring these almost total muscle contractions and body shaking I was grateful (albeit briefly) for the reminder of how awful panic can feel and how hard it can be to move through and out of it. I was grateful that I had the knowledge to fully understand what was happening so that even though I had intense discomfort I did not feel afraid. Grateful to be reminded of the actual experience of panic. Think I’ve been a bit cavalier the past couple of years when patients tell me that relaxing muscles and belly breathing “does not work”- will be aware of this and become more empathetic about my patients’ experiences of panic and efforts to remove it once it has taken hold.