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I Am Enough

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
The most important voice in your life is your own. Using powerful affirmations, this short track invites you to begin to speak to yourself with kindness and helps to improve confidence.
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3 reflections
My Affirmations
Today, I listened to this meditation for a 2nd time. I liked it the 1st time, but had challenges with it. I have a hard time with self care and complimenting myself. I don’t hear it too often so I’m not used to those words. Giving self gratitude is a challenge but just like anything else, if you listen to things long enough you mind will have a new mindset. Thank you for having this to listen to.
I am enough
I love this! I am worthy. I am enough. Saying these affirmations to myself makes everything good. I feel confident. Any doubts drift away.
I am enough - I am worthy!
I felt tears well up in my eyes during this meditation. I am learning to love myself just as I am. It’s been a hard road but every day I’m trying to remind myself these exact words.
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