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I Am Beautiful, Inside and Out

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
Beauty is a frequency that dwells within and shines through our being from the spark of the divine that dwells inside of you. It is an extension of your light and is an expression of love--for yourself and others. This mantra taps into that divine beauty frequency and also gives honor via Bija sounds to the embodiment of abundance and beauty, MahaLakshmi.
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2 reflections
I am beautiful inside and out. I am resilient. I am worthy of receiving and giving love. I am worthy of joy and happiness. I am capable. I am all of these things and so much more. Listening to Dr. Toni’s words wash over me while focusing on my breath, I feel my inner strength become alive.This feeling continues to grow stronger.I am smiling. My inner light is shining bright. If you need a self confidence boost or feeling down on yourself, I highly recommend this session. It will lift your spirits.
Amazing Beauty
I am beautiful, inside and out. I am resilient, constantly growing and breaking barriers of self doubt and fear. I am worthy of love. I am capable of giving and receiving love. I am beautiful, inside and out. Om Shreem....Om Shreem....Om Shreem.... Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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