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I Am Already Whole

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
This short meditation pairs a relaxed breathing pattern with a powerful affirmation to remind you that you are already whole. Just as you are.
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I Am
Thank you for this affirmation. Often I do feel that I must do more to be complete.
Feeling overwhelmed
That my business is not where I want it. But im not executing in things that can help. I am already whole. I have the ability to do this. I have the ability to focus and drive results. I can do this. I am already whole.
I am already whole
This meditation made me feel a sense of relief. It was something I needed to hear and affirm. I am..... already whole. We are always learning and seeking out what we need on our journey. This was a reminder that we are complete just as we are. I'm not broken!