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'I AM' Manifesting All That You Desire

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Use this Manifesto as a daily practice to inspire you to co-creating with the Universe - all things. Live your greatness, own your authentic power, and live this in all moments as you open your heart to receive all of the abundance, love, and happiness that you desire. Use this manifesto daily to help you align with your highest self, and as you co-create your desired path. Namaste! xo
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I Am
We attract inwardly what we project outwardly. Everything is an expression or reflection of our own consciousness. Therefore, we actually create our own reality. In this powerful life coaching wisdom session, Dorothy has us soak up the manifesto into our being. Getting comfortable, I focused inward. Open to receive, I allowed these beautiful words to penetrate my being. Soon, I felt energy move and strengthen around me. Inside this energy bubble, I began to see everything outside this bubble begin to spin counterclockwise. It was then when I began to see myself from the perspective of my higher self. From my higher self, I was floating and seeing myself sitting on a bench from all directions. Visions of the earth spinning on its axis, the Milky Way and the entire universe came into focus. Feeling the oneness with all that is, there was no separation. Then out of nowhere, I was back in my body, feeling the sensations of breathing. I began to repeat the words: I Am manifesting all which is beautiful, all which is greatness and all which is love. Because, this is who I am. Wow! What a cosmic adventure! Namaste, my friends! 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I am the ever present abundance of my life. I am my own source of Love and Happyness, even though the others do not always manage to be the best version of themselves. I manifest what I truly want, by sending a message to the universe about my deepest desires, and then letting go of it, since I am truly confident that it will unreveal for me just as it is supposed to be with my next steps ahead. Co-creating with the universe, unfolding one's destiny, brings joy, abundance, purpose, your own tribe, and it starts by acknowledging that we already are joy, abundance, purpose and with our own tribe. All the most desirable things in the universe, begin with a desiring mind, saying what it wants and then letting go by believing that the universe will truly take care of it for us, because we are always loved and the universe is love.
Walter J
Am… 🔮 The connection to the Heavens 🪬 The “Seer” of my Path {in my reality} 💎 A SPEACHOR Becoming more polished 💚 LOVE 🌕 The Power to help the BOM 🩳 The Co-Creator of my Expression 🔴 The Collaborative Connector to All 🍀TLMA = “The Luckiest Man Alive”
Love myself and others unconditionally even we’re not at our best.
I am an abundance of goodness manifesting love, kindness and compassion to all beings ( including animals ) who share in this universe.
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