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Manifesto: Manifest All That Is Desired

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Use this Manifesto as a daily practice to inspire you to co-creating with the Universe. Live your greatness, own your authentic power, and live this in all moments as you open your heart to receive all of the abundance, love, and happiness that you desire. Use this manifesto each day to help you align with your highest self, and as you co-create your desired path. May this be a wonderful year in your life!! Namaste! xo
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11 reflections
I am
I am learning to manifest my desires in myself and this was very helpful. Making you look into yourself
Focussing on what am I projecting and making sure those things are positive
Slow fire ✨
It’s not about how bad you want something but when you take time for the small Flames to grow inside to awaken something greater , accepting not all great fires burn fast but over time , to regrow something better 🌱
“I Am”
These are two powerful words, reminding us that we are creators. I am peace, I am abundant, I am happy, I am powerful, I am love, I am grateful.
“I AM”
I want to manifest my goals and make them a reality. I’m going through a really stressful time, where I am unsure how I will get through it. This just helped to calm my mind and show me that I am.
Walter J
A powerful session for claiming all the goodness that I Am co-creating, allowing to flow thru and projecting to the world. I felt electric currents activating throughout my body as they worked their way up to my 3rd eye or brow Chakra. I sensed this positive energy collecting behind & being projected out from my 3rd eye to the world like a big stereo speaker. I Am a megaphone for broadcasting Love, Reason, & Compassion out to the world... I Am Projecting waves of goodness that are being manifested through me - Healing vibes to those who need it, wisdom for those seeking it, food for thought for those hungry to learn... I Am Thinking & Acting in a Certain Way for The BOM (Betterment Of Mankind). It is not me, but the Peace-full Power of my Creator working through me. I Am a willing vessel to be used for any & all good ... I Am a manifesting miracle! (We all are!!) Namaste 💚🙏🏼🍀
...from thinking I can have all that “I deserve” to believing I can have all that “I desire”. There’s a huge difference. And it’s absolutely empowering.
I Manifest All Good Things
I manifest only goodness, I have an abundance of love and happiness already there.
I Am Capable of Greatness
I learned that manifesting my capabilities is just the start to showing my greatness to my full potential.
What do I need?
I learned that I already have what I need... what makes me happy, what I need that reflects my inner self is here already...
Walter J
I Am... An Incurable Optimist! Thinking in a Certain Way. Visualizing Positive Outcomes! Planning for Success! Talking Positively, All the time. Starting NOW, with what I have! Acting in a Certain Way. Expecting the Best! Radiating Happiness! Succeeding every day! Making a Difference in the World! The Change I want to see in the World! Sharing My Highest Self with the World! A Megaphone for The ‘X’ Love in Motion❣️ TLMA! ❤️☮️🍀
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