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Hypnosis to End Anxiety and Panic

35 Min
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Guided By Kim
Hypnotherapist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher
This is a hypnosis practice to end anxiety and panic. Begin with a sensory visualization of a peaceful place to relax completely and remember your natural coping skills to stop anxious thoughts. You are strong, confident, peaceful, and calm. You are in charge knowing that your panic will be over in 3 minutes if you relax and take deep, slow breaths. I recommend listening to this hypnosis practice for a minimum of 21 days to unlock new thought patterns.
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4 reflections
I learnt that the words relax, down, sinking deeper actually trigger panic in me. I tried re-phrasing in my mind as she spoke, but it did not help the panic, and I felt an odd combination of falling into a dark pit that was also a very small space.
Paul Rienguette
Nicely paced effective journey
Thank-you for this. Thank you for the affirmation of strength and ability to overcome anxiety and panic Thank-you
I learned that flight or fight is more than a theory. It’s the physical experience I have come to know and lose to, so many times.
I felt the connection that is flight or fight. That experience I have been feeling for so long but it’s not medical. I can observe and sense it but not become it.