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Hypnosis for Stress and Worry

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Guided By Kim
Hypnotherapist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher
Each day you find yourself relaxing more and more, even in stressful situations. You are in control of your thoughts. Listen to this practice for a minimum of 21 days to fully unlock new thought patterns. Get comfortable and ready to relax completely!
From the community
3 reflections
How I feel after hypnosis session
It feels very empowering to know that I can just say stop to my racing thoughts. I feel very relaxed after that Hipnosis session and realize just how stressed I have been and to understand that I have been allowing my thoughts to scattered and racing all over the place.
I tried to stay undistracted. My mind started to drift a bit here and there but overall relaxed.
I can acknowledge sounds and distractions and move on allowing for them to be normal sounds and not disruptions.
I wasn’t sure about how this would work but am glad I have it a go and actually do feel a bit better, even after one session. I’ve battled with anxiety and depression for most of my life so really hoping this has long lasting effects.
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