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Hug Yourself Meditation

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
A hug can be so comforting. Sometimes there isn't anyone there to give you one, so why not give it to yourself?
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Hugging Self
I needed this so much. This morning, I have been feeling mixed up, like my chakras are vibrating with Awakening into the new 5D of existence and my body, spirit, and mind are trying to catch up. I’m so sensitive. When I found my perfect hug I started crying, and soothing myself telling myself it’s alright it’s okay that I’m so proud of myself and that I’m doing so amazing. I told myself I love you Alia and for the first time I finally felt it and believed it. Set love compounded over time is amazing healing and I’m glad today I can tap into it’s glowing warmth. Thank you for this 🌿✨
Self soothing
Hugs are great. Makes sense a self hug can work magic as well. Namaste
I felt more relaxed and a calming in my mind and body.
Hug yourself
& it’s so awesome! Honestly, hug yourself, and you are/will be so Groovy! Oh, why don’t you do this splendid short too? You will be so happy... Okay, but I’m off to do a little Coffee Meditation.... ☕️🐝☕️
Reminds me of the butterfly hug used to calm people who have been through a traumatic event 🦋🦋🦋
A hug is the most powerful gesture of love🤗♥️
Loving myself more today by listening to what I need and allowing myself to feel that reassuring squeeze. You can do this Che!
Hey there, Hug yourself
I have listened to this multiple times today; can you please try to hug yourself? It’s all I can do; because we had some of our first snow of the season. Happy Holidays! ☕️☮️🐝☮️☕️
Hey , G’morning and all that stuff ....
....and I have a bigger “holiday” to think about. @2 AM, I got a brain injury; I said goodbye to my friend, Nathan (we had just watched The English Patient), and I crossed the street, and I was waved across by a taxi. Well, I walked across, but was hit by a attempted hit and run drunk driver (& she was a pharmacy student, so she should have KNOWN better, but that’s not the point of this post), but the cab ran her off the road. Right on! More power to the people! Of course, I was out for the count, in a coma for almost 3 months! So when I “woke up”, I was very confused, and I couldn’t really talk... 25 years later, I still cannot talk, but man! I just love this life (my “illness” of Manic Depression had gone around with my voice)! So I’ve got a Hug Yourself meditation to go over! Hug yourself and feel the Joy! ☕️☮️🐝☮️☕️
It is calming to hear someone talk me through meditation
I can reduce my internal dialogue when someone else is speaking.
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