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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This time is presenting for each one of us; a challenge to live in our truth; to no longer do what we have always done, to continue in what has not served our highest self. For some this means a radical change in how you will think about and live life; and for others, it will be more of a fine-tuning; of what we have already begun, to ensure that we do not stop, that we follow through; that we fight for – that is we decide and never give up on – what is truly wanted. In this episode of Life Coaching Wisdom, we dive deep; we do some serious questioning to reveal what is most important for you right now. Because once you have decided what is most important; then you can say it; you can make it happen. Much love to you all! Dorothy
From the community
11 reflections
What I want
The change I really want fires me up to keep going. Feeling happy about the prospect of my dreams and goals are already here. The feeling of achieving my goals and having what I want truly strengthens my motivation and inspires me to release all doubts. Now that I know what I truly want, I keep reminding myself when doubt creeps in: “why shouldn’t I get what I want when others do? Haven’t I proven to myself over and over again that whatever it is that I want so badly, I’ve ALWAYS AND ALWAYS ACHIEVED IT?” All the way back to my childhood! I’ve had evidence over and over again about the things I set my mind to and want to have and ALWAYS have gotten them! This if my mantra for when fear and doubt creeps in.
Great advice
I get lost in the dreams a lot and forget that I must get clear and make decisions about what I want. Great reminder to get clear and make a plan of action to be ready for those dreams when they come.
I enjoyed this because it focused on the heart and not mind. Thank you for making me think differently about the importance of my heart when I make decisions to help me along life’s journey.
Searching for myself
Finding out who I am for this journey I find myself reflecting on what I continue to focus my attention with and I get to the location and the destination and find out that it’s not exactly what I had imagined. Then, I have to get a new destination and after doing this repeatedly in my life I’m running out of ideas. No not running out of ideas running out of destinations That I’m looking to travel to. I’m not sure how much more energy I have to invest in future destinations and desires. Looking for fuel and the next destination inspiration for the desired outcome.
The role of emotions
This meditation has taught me do not rely on my mind and logic for all d aspects of decision making. The human mind it’s a beautiful gift. However, it is important that emotion and what I actually want factors in to my decision making. I am guilty of having made decisions out of habit or the desire to conform to you or change others expectations of me. I am grateful to those Who work for this app For putting this track together and reminding me I no longer have to do this period. I am also grateful for the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK, Happy, and well. We are all responsible for happiness. 
Carrie Bliss
I am manifesting
I learned that I would like to be with my man. But he’s fickle and has always seemed very different in that he cannot make up his mind about anything. I know I can’t change or help but I either have to move away from him or continue as it is and I don’t feel it’s very healthy. My thoughts.
“Simplify” is a great message for me at the moment as I juggle several very stressful circumstances that are not of my creation.
I learned that I can’t be decisive. I need to be absolute about what I want before asking Hod for it
Innate ability to connect w divine
Could it be so easy so omnipresent dripping with “pick me take me choose me” - I just have to decide - fully take on my path and step fall reach tumble cross over - no need to pack
It's time!
I will live my life aligned with my inner truth. It's time to make decisions with absolute conviction. To live as my highest self.
Time to change
Yes it is!!!! I am trying to really listen to my heart and make a decision about what is right for me
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