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How Will I Use This Time to Change My Life for the Better?

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
For some this means a radical change in how you will think about and live life; and for others it will be more of a fine tuning; of what we have already begun, to ensure that we do not stop, that we follow through; that we fight for – that is we decide and never give up on – what is truly wanted. In this episode of Life Coaching Wisdom, we dive deep; we do some serious questioning to reveal what is most important for you right now. Because once you have decided what is most important; what you truly want for your life; and for how you want to be in your life; then you can slay it; you can make it happen. Much love to you all! xo dorothy
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4 reflections
I discovered that the new journey that I am on (writing children’s books) is the path I should continue on. This life coaching class has confirmed my decision and resonates within me.
Changing my life for the better
I learned that I need to go deep in the questions I ask myself and reflect on them. After reflection comes action. The biggest thing I learned and Robin Sharma taught me this as well yes the distraction kills creativity. I need to get rid of the distractions. This will be my challenge beginning today.
I learnt that the time is now. I have sustained a knee injury and I have the time to finally make the changes I need to without excuses.
Change is now
I learnt that my time is now. I can drive into a new direction. I have a knee injury that has put me in a position for change. How exciting 😀
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