How Will I Use This Time to Change My Life for the Better?

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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching WISDOM
This time is presenting for each one of us; a challenge to live in our truth; to no longer do what we have always done, to continue in what has not served our highest self.  For some this means a radical change in how you will think about and live life; and for others it will be more of a fine tuning; of what we have already begun, to ensure that we do not stop, that we follow through; that we fight for – that is we decide and never give up on – what is truly wanted. In this episode of Life Coaching Wisdom, we dive deep; we do some serious questioning to reveal what is most important for you right now.  Because once you have decided what is most important; what you truly want for your life; and for how you want to be in your life; then you can slay it; you can make it happen. Much love to you all!  xo dorothy
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What I want
The change I really want fires me up to keep going. Feeling happy about the prospect of my dreams and goals are already here. The feeling of achieving my goals and having what I want truly strengthens my motivation and inspires me to release all doubts. Now that I know what I truly want, I keep reminding myself when doubt creeps in: “why shouldn’t I get what I want when others do? Haven’t I proven to myself over and over again that whatever it is that I want so badly, I’ve ALWAYS AND ALWAYS ACHIEVED IT?” All the way back to my childhood! I’ve had evidence over and over again about the things I set my mind to and want to have and ALWAYS have gotten them! This if my mantra for when fear and doubt creeps in.
Great advice
I get lost in the dreams a lot and forget that I must get clear and make decisions about what I want. Great reminder to get clear and make a plan of action to be ready for those dreams when they come.
I enjoyed this because it focused on the heart and not mind. Thank you for making me think differently about the importance of my heart when I make decisions to help me along life’s journey.
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