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How To Validate Yourself

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We often look to others to validate or acknowledge our emotions. But by learning to do this for ourselves, we're not as reliant on others and we can manage our own emotions more effectively. Self-validation helps us to better understand and effectively respond to our emotions, rather than just finding ourselves reacting to what life throws at us.
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I am learning how to validate my feelings slowly. It’s definitely a new thing for me, I normally try and act like how I am feeling is wrong but now I’m trying to except my feelings and actually give myself a chance to feel them.
Loved this
I love that “I can handle an uncomfortable feeling in my body. That’s all it is” Thank you 🤍
Stephie 💜
Self validation
This accompanied with putting away unhelpful thoughts into my vault as I like to call it works wonders I realised that all my life I’ve been told how I feel is not actually how I feel or how I’m “supposed “ to feel. I also shut myself down when any negative emotion comes on - I tell myself oh shut up it could be worse- or - you don’t deserve to feel that you should just be grateful of where you are ungrateful bitch— ohh there’s my mother lol like I said works wonders I came to see more about myself and why I am the way I am.
Allowing myself to feel sad , angry and overwhelmed took me through years of thoughts! Will continue working on myself and learn more from this app on how to heal.