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How to Sustain Personal Growth Long Term

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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
It's easy to be inspired to make big lifestyle changes short term, but how do you make them last and give you the happier life you deserve?
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11 reflections
Self growth
Loved the steps you made them easy and workable. It can apply to new habits or a new hobby or even a new career.
Walter J
Very energetic session chocked full of success tips & suggestions. A lot of good ideas & steps to take to implement them. Love the positive, fast paced method on this one to get to all the ideas. Thanks Shelly! ❤️🙏🍀
Personal Growth
Enjoyed listening to this session. The tips she explained are easy and workable into daily life.
Trying to become happy.
I learned that just telling yourself to do something, doesn’t actually make you want to put forth effort into doing it. Instead, sit down and make a list of things that would make you happier.
I wish app was better
I am getting really fed up with app sometimes putting word Played on some tracks but not others. impossible tio work out what I have already listened to.
Writing a list of goals or to-do list
I have done this before and stopped and you’re right in saying it’s ok and now I will just go back into it. I remember the feeling of achievement once I tick ✅ some of the list one by one. Or having that goal in front of me to keep going. Thank you
I fell off the wagon
Of positive feelings, affirmation, and self knowledge. These things were lost in me. I know how to get it back and I know what to do and where I want to be. It's time to take back and take action again.
Falling off wagon
I learnt that I fall off this wagon constantly. All it takes is someone to ask me to do something and all I can ever say is "yes". I need to learn to say "no", or at least check in with myself before I answer. It's definitely a continuous process.
Focus & Stillness
I need to practice stillness more and being present in the moment. And allow myself to focus on that moment, task, or opportunity!
I’m resisting the suggestion to write my goal, or even identify it. Is it to just be in the moment and happy and grateful? Is there something more I want?
Write it down
I've been resisting writing things down. I need to start. I liked your suggestions. You have stated that in prior sessions and I'm glad. It's motivating. I WILL do it. I can do it. It will benefit me in many ways.