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Stop Judging & Start Loving Yourself

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Tina Stinson
Life & Health Coach
Learn this quick brain trick to stop judging yourself and others. To learn more about Tina Stinson and her deep-level self-care practices head over to >>
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Negative Self Talk
I realized how truly powerful my negative self talk is…when put into “How would you feel if someone else was saying the things you say to yourself to someone else you care about”? This was quite eye opening as I said out loud the same words I say to myself but applied it in the form of this question about my children, it made me very very angry and immediately protective. I realized, how am I any different? I don’t deserve to be talked to this way. I have to do better, be better. This is the first step.
I learned to catch myself before going to something negative and instead focus on thinking of at least 5 positive things to train my brain to be positive since my thoughts impact how I feel.
Negative Self Talk
So easy I do it all the time. This exercise is something I’m going to try hard at doing and change that. Hopefully it will boost my self esteem as well
Self talk
Self talk is powerful. Use writing to list 10 positive things about yourself
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