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How to Sit

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This meditation was designed with the beginner in mind. This meditaiton guides you through the basics of how to sit in meditation and helps you to start developing your practice.
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11 reflections
My spiritual path
Little by little, I've been opening my eyes to a new way of living. There's been ups and downs, but, I've learned that you should just go with the flow.
Great experience !
It's a great way to recover from a stressful day! At first I was a bit skeptical about this seance. I would recommend it to anyone who have has a stressful day. Thank you Aura for this amazing app and the lifetime license! I'm so grateful to you!
Alert, focused, and calm. 😊
I learned that even in the midst of mindfulness I can be unaware of the emotions and judgements my awareness may be couched in. But there’s no need to worry or fret. I can just gently allow that to be part of my mindfulness practice as I keep moving forward. 😊
I know that I'm under stress and I can't focus with all what she said but I'll try harder next time
How to Sit
I learned that while inhaling breaths it actually helped me realize how congested my right nostril is and that I must take care of it. ☺️ This was an opportunity to focus on my body and I feel proud to take this time aside.
I noticed how much my body reacts to my breathing. My stomach and chest move a lot more than I normally realize. Meditation always makes me very aware of how amazing the human body is and how mine serves me every day. It's nice to tune back in to that anchor and remember it when I'm overwhelmed.
It's ok to not be consistent
So I haven't done my meditations as religiously as I usually am and in a way that's ok! As long I don't feel too much guilt over it. If I do feel guilt about it; maybe I should hope back on it. It's pretty easy to become lacked when you're in a good spot with yourself. I guess the term would be "I'm feeling myself!" It's sorta a false blanket of security and I should be more careful of it. Just because I'm an unstoppable force today, doesn't mean I won't trip tomorrow.
Self love!
I've been doing a few things lately that has in ways boosted my self esteem, working out at the gym, studying for my courses and being a father and blasting music. Those are a few thins in life that I've come to love. Which in turn I've learn(ing) to love myself. The more I do the brighter I become. Many of my acquaintances have noticed this about me this week. Life really falls into place when you get to that point. Did I ever mention I'm doing the twelve step program? Addict or not the program will benefit anyone that wants to improve their life. I highly suggest it! It has made meditating much more relaxing. Thank you, and have a wonderful life.
Keeping attention
I learned that (for me) it's hard to find a quiet time throughout the day for me to sit down, relax and reflect. Learning to focus on my breathing really helped me find a anchor, so that my thoughts didn't wander elsewhere.
I learned that it's really difficult to find quiet moments in every aspect of life. But focusing on what you want to do and what you love to do is more relaxing and fulfilling.
I learned that finding your center does not mean it is in the exact center of your body, sometimes it’s just a little off to the side, sometimes it is on your navel.
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