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How To Set Lasting Boundaries

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Lilla Vig
Trauma-Informed Breathwork + Meditation
We hear about boundaries a lot lately, but what do they mean and how can we address setting them from the root. What is the reason we might struggle, and how to change our mindset about them? Listen to this short audio to shift your beliefs and pair it with one of Lilla's guided meditations to set your intentions and let go of anything that might hold you back from finally prioritizing yourSELF.
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4 reflections
Some really great insights on boundaries. I liked that they are about self compassion and that we need to ask ourselves what we need daily
Excellent guide
Well, this is a timely guide in my life right now. Being good to ourselves is the anchor to deal with challenging external issues.
I needed this
I never knew how to set boundaries. I was told, or I read, that setting boundaries was important for our mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. As I become older, I notice that other people affect my feelings of well being. They ask “ how are you?”, then bombard me with their issues of depression, anxiety, anger at someone else, or, they tell me how great everything is. Political discourse is the worst thing to tell me, as it upsets me the most. Seeing someone sick affects me. Thinking of my lost parents, grandparents, and other people I loved never lets up. I need more coaching on setting up a self defense shield against “ psychic vampires”, a term I heard used before. Thanks, Aura. Be well.
I missed the 3 day only cutoff and I was feeling disappointed with myself. So I figured well let’s make the most use of this App then.
Setting boundaries is my first step to taking better care of myself. So I will be reevaluating all my priorities.