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How To Rescript Your Inner Critic

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Lisa Hopkins
Certified Professional Coach, PCC ELI-MP
Your inner critic thrives on fear and creating feelings of inadequacy and doubt to keep you safe. from embarrassment, failure, or trying new things. This track will teach you how to rescript the dialogue of your inner critic with messages that will help you instead of holding you back. To find out more about what I do visit
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Inner Critic - Eleanor
I learned that our inner critic dialogue could be rewritten. First we have to sit down with it, awknolwedge what it has to offer and talk to it like we would to a grumpy tenant. Realize that it has something to offer, and there is for a reason. It may not always offer something true or meaningful but it is there to teach you something and protect it. Despite it not being translated to that at times. So next time, sit with your tenant and understand it’s purpose, and then tell them how they should be supportive. Rewrite their dialogue
Understanding the inner voice
My inner critic was useful before, it was part of my survival kit. It wants to be heard in order to protect me from frustration, failure and negative emotions. Understanding that i am in a different situation now is vital and rationalizing its role is important. I need to talk to it, act like its a noisy upstairs neighbor help me to talk with it and explain why its service is not needed anymore. Instead,present the current situation and offer a new narrative for it to reproduce, a more useful one in this new chapter of my life. • if you do it, you will fail = when you do it, amazing things will come to your way. •its too late= you are exactly where it suppose to be. The missing chances play no role here, but the now and the future yes! •ive tried and didn’t succeed = you are in a different position now. You fought for your chance of doing this, now enjoy the fruits of your work! •you cannot do it= i can do it following the limits of my body and mind. The speed doesnt matter but the direction! You deserve to enjoy the results. • Be more kind to yourself, to your hard work. You have been through a lot in order to survive, but there is more to living than staying alive. All the knowledge is right there for you to enjoy, you just need to be willing to break the cycle and feel uncomfortable for a little while to have a life of comfort!
jess 🧡
changing our inner thoughts from negative to positive is key to living a happier and healthier life
I thought about yin-yang, opposite forces coming together, necessary for life itself. So rather than seeing the gremlins as “bad”, I can notice how it can be repurposed or changed to help support me.🌻
Inner critic/gremlin
- liked the idea of naming - called mine Mary before - being grateful for the critic for trying to keep you safe - but recognising that things have changed and repurposing that energy
Thought I’d call mine bob as it feels like a male voice. I’ll try to invite him downstairs but I think the comfy armchair upstairs is so like home he’ll be difficult to move !
A wonderful short and instructive lesson thanks. Perfect to listen to whilst cooking or doing something else
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