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How to Reclaim Your Life

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Dorothy Ratusny
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What changes have you been seeking? As the world is slowly restarting to a different hum; and a different message of hope and liberation, there is a definite need for us all to be more conscientious of each other, to be more self-aware of our choices and our actions, and how we might take greater responsibility for what change is needed - for ourselves and for the world. Here are the questions that you need to ask yourself.... Video link resource: How you may reclaim your life. https://youtu.be/fGfC6jtAOu8 Namaste! xo dorothy
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Reclaim your life
Anything is still possible. We need to be certain of our wants. What is best for my well being, my happiness. What can allow me to be my truest self?
Where is the link to the video mentioned? Nice advice to follow the heart.
I haven’t clicked the link yet. So far to me reclaiming my life and / or who I am has meant setting boundaries. Oh it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. If feels easier to give in. It comes back to and my reactions to any given situation
I need to reclaim my life and go back to who I was a year ago
Finding What to Reclaim....Selecting
with an open mind....or what I define as MY Life....so many “things” get innertwined, tangled, joined with others’ lifes that there’s a mixing of me/you.... Which parts of Mine shall I reclaim.....I need to know that first....
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