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How to Overcome Burnout

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Burnout is common and affecting many of us today. In this talk, we cover what burnout is, how common it is, and ways to increase resiliency, and get out of burnout through taking internal and external actions.
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Burnout is preventable
I learned that I can prevent burnout from occurring through the internal and external choices I make.
Today I started my morning with inner work, it’s a practice I’d like to keep. It brings me a sense of accomplishment and inspires me to take care of myself. I feel at peace with my emotions and with what I need to do to stay grounded.
External action declutter the house and my classroom Internal action: take time to meditate and relax walk every day.
I learned that Burnout is common, it was nice to understand the breakdown of the definition. I’m in the process of decluttering my external space, I realize it was a reflection of the internal noise. I’ve been working on meditating and changing my inner dialogue
I learned that you can address burnout in simple ways by taking external and internal actions. This is huge for me. I also learned that burnout is common - so why don’t people talk about it? I have resolved today to start talking about burnout and to create space for others to talk and learn about burnout.
Thank you for sharing some simple ideas to address burnout. They really do slip the mind when you are experiencing it. It is nice to keep those things in your mind kind of like saving for a rainy day. Thank you ❤️
I felt that these simple steps can help me to regain my life in a healthy way.
It’s a step that begins the process. I feel that maybe I have found something that can help me to not feel so overwhelmed all the time. This past year has been one of the hardest years of my life. And I’m looking to come out of this stronger and better and in a more peaceful state of mind.
I learned that I need to lower my daily tasks and expectations. I’ll still be progressing that way, rather than getting overwhelmed at how much I have to do and so putting it all off- getting even less done. I will also be having some dance breaks haha~ already feel better. Thank you💞
I felt really validated and recognized after the session. I generally feel like I’m the only one who experiences burn out. I often feel like everyone else is doing great and I am failing. Intellectually, I realize that most people are struggling with something in their lives, but I often forget that in my emotions.
I learned that I am experiencing emotional burnout. Externally I will cut down on social media. Just an easy way to cut out “static” from my day. Internally… I will practice feeling my feelings but consciously not let them consume me. Acknowledge they exist and remind myself that it’s temporary.
I learned that I am suffering from a burnout of sorts in my own life. I recognized that in trying to become a more giving person that I might’ve overcorrected in some ways. In the sense that I’m trying care for and attend to everyone’s needs all the time at the constant expense of my own. I think this week I’d like to externally try to lower my expectations of my accomplishments and focus on getting moments to myself through activity, mainly running. Internally, I’d like to take more breaks through my day for gratitude and meditation.
All II want to do is help my family and others my family either won’t let me in or they take total advantage of my kindness and love II have for them this is disheartening.
On top of all that, my husband doesn’t want me to help anyone but him. I just don’t get it. Why am I like this?
Human giver syndrome
As a healthcare worker, burn out is hitting me hard. It comes and goes in waves, and foolishly when the tide recedes I think I’m okay and dig myself into a deeper hole. Internal - notice when my shoulders are up by my ears and my jaw is clenched and actively release. External - delete social media apps and deactivate personal accounts (fb, insta)
I learned that a lot of teachers deal with burnout. I simply don’t have enough empathy to give the my family and my students right now
Too Many Alarms!
 I have learned that my decreased sense of accomplishment has been replenished by the realization of my achievement of human giver syndrome poster child of the year! I laugh at myself with this realization, and I am both cursed and blessed with having this human giver syndrome. Cursed because I allow my own well being become jeopardized by giving up my responsibilities or important external actions I need to do to prevent burnout from happening. Blessed Because without the syndrome I would feel no sense of accomplishment. Without this syndrome I would be unable to connect with others at an emotional level. My passion to help has proven to be my worst nightmare sometimes. My thoughts, right now, are all consuming which is my alarm in my environment I have way too many alarms! So my first internal action is to identify which alarm is most agitating to me and shut that one up I realize that by my taking external action to begin the healing process of burnout has actually created another alarm going off in my environment! How does a person lose so much control of their own personal alarm system? How can I relate the intensity of my emotions to others if they cannot hear my alarms in my environment? How can I express the negative affect that specific alarms have? Is there a way to sound off my alarms for those that need to help me shut them off? How can I share my alarms without freaking people out?
Most of the burnouts listed
I have a lot of work to do. I give too much; overwhelmed with the unavoidable current life situation.