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How to Meditate When You Can’t Focus

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Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher & Meditation Guide
Can’t focus or sit still? No worries, you can still meditate, and it doesn’t even have to be hard! Listen to this quick coaching session to learn how.
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6 reflections
Such a lovely and kind session to explain that some of us might have been trying too hard in the past. Will keep an eye out on the easy relaxation session!
Thank you
This was a perfect message for those beginning meditation and how to avoid frustration when your mind doesn’t focus. I look forward to checking out these beginner meditation exercises. Have a blessed day.
Jamie Keller
ADHD brain needed this!
Thank you Alyssa, as I have put a lot of pressure on myself in the past to be “mindful enough,” “focused,” (insert other adjective that ADHDers struggle with. I now feel that however I’m meditating (even with this brain) and thoughts running rapid, is perfectly fine and well. ❤️
Guided imagery is wonderful
I love how you explain openness, Alyssa. I love guided imagery because I know that all I have to do is listen to the story and allow it to take me away. I didn’t realize this could be considered meditation.
I’ve been practicing meditation more the past 5 months but I get into ruts. This is a reminder to go back to the basics and back to what worked in the past. Thank you
I noticed this is how I typically meditate without realizing I was on the yelllw path. Makes me feel good knowing i wasn’t doing it “wrong”. A favorite meditation of mine is walking slowly through my
grandmother’s home…feeling my feet on the floors, smelling the kitchen with her cooking…