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How To Meditate?

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Jonathan Lee
Mindfulness and well-being coach
Mediation is a life skill and we can fall into the trap of being too passive or too active when we sit. It is finding the middle ground with your breathing, awareness, and attitude. We all have busy minds and we will all fall into the trap of thinking we are failing and not trying hard enough. In the mindfulness world, we learn to drop all of this and be with whatever is going on at the time with kindness and acceptance.
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Meditation for me
I have not been able to get into the breathing techniques for meditation This technique caught my attention because it involves concentrating on what’s going on inside my body while I breathe normally I am able to focus on this type of meditation which is concentrating on what’s happening inside while what’s happening outside of me on the outside
Not force
I like the suggestion of focusing on the tip of my nose and that my breathing shall be soft. At times, when I loose focus I can judge myself and breathe louder to gain focus again. I also learned not to force meditation. If there is a day it’s just not happening to be ok with it and notice how I feel.
It's ok not to do it right. I stopped and started, trying not to let it go entirely